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Tsukuda Hobby

Tsukuda Hobby, a division of the Tsukuda Group, was a Tokyo, Japan-based toy, gaming, and modeling company that produced Japan-exclusive games, dolls, and other collectibles based on licensing from a number of television, comic book, anime, and video game properties. The company folded in 2003, while other divisions of its parent were acquired by Bandai.

Star Trek releases[]

Tsukuda old logo

Original Tsukuda Hobby logo


In 1982 and 1983, the company produced two "tabletop battle" games set within the Star Trek universe:

The company also produced the Enterprise: Role Play Game In Star Trek game in 1983 as part of its Hobby Role Play Game Series.

Gaming miniatures and model kits[]

Galoob Namco Star Trek Micro Machines USS Enterprise

Namco/Tsukuda Hobby release of Galoob's Micro Machines USS Enterprise for Japan

In 1984, Tsukuda released two 1:3788-scale gaming miniature box sets as expansions to its Star Trek: The Invasion of Klingon Empire role-playing game. The five plastic miniatures contained within were the Japanese versions derived from their GameScience counterpart miniatures, all based on Franz Joseph's designs from the Star Fleet Technical Manual, and which also included (in the instruction sheets) the ship names and corresponding registries of the various ship-classes listed therein.

A number of Galoob's Star Trek Micro Machines starships were also retailed by Namco in Japan and carried its brand logo on the windowbox packaging. The ships' packaging also bore the Galoob and Tsukuda Hobby logos.

During the early 1990s, Tsukuda very briefly ventured into the Star Trek model kit market with its release of two vinyl model kits in the wake of the theatrical premiere of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The choice of vinyl rather than harder plastic for these starship kits was considered surprising, as vinyl is typically used when the softer and more malleable characteristics of the material is most highly valued, such as when incorporated into carpets and clothing. Although highly sought after by collectors due to their scarcity, the models have reportedly had material-related problems associated with them, particularly with assembly and the sagging of parts over time. Vinyl, nonetheless, is widely considered to be the material of choice for figurine models.

Tsukuda Star Trek product lines
Item Scale Issue No. Notes
Star Trek: The Invasion of Klingon Empire n/a 1982 HG-009-4000 Tsukuda Star Trek Game 1a
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 1983 HG-017-3500 Tsukuda Star Trek Game 2a
Enterprise: Role Play Game In Star Trek HG-014-R-3000 Enterprise RPG cover
Gaming miniatures
Star Trek Miniature Series 1 1:3788 1984 ST-1-1000 Contains a Dreadnought, and a Constitution-class vessel Tsukada Star Trek Miniature series 1 1984Tsukada Star Trek Miniature series 1 back cover 1984
Star Trek Miniature Series 2 ST-2-1300 Contains a Ptolemy-class, and two Saladin-class-vessels Tsukada Star Trek Miniature series 2 1984Tsukada Star Trek Miniature series 2 back cover 1984
Model kits
USS Excelsior 1:1000 1993 SVM-14-9800 Vinyl kit Tsukuda Model kit SVM14 USS Excelsior
L-42 Klingon Bird-of-Prey 1:350 SVM-15-9800 Vinyl kit Tsukuda Model kit Klingon L-42 Bird of Prey

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