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Four Alliance members

The Turkana IV Alliance was one dozens of factions that fought on the failed Earth colony on the planet Turkana IV from the 2330s to the 2360s.

Eventually, the Alliance and the Coalition became the two most powerful cadres left on the planet. They were given police powers by the Turkana colonial government in the 2330s in an attempt to quash the civil war that was raging across the planet. However, the two factions used their powers to eliminate the remaining cadres, and then the government.

By 2367, the Alliance's command structure consisted of two primary headquarters, and thirteen ancillary bases, and they controlled half of Turkana City's underground territory. It continually raided Coalition equipment stores for goods, however, due to the proximity detectors, its members could not penetrate deep into Coalition territory.

During 2367, the Alliance had located a large cache of weapons, potentially disturbing the balance of power. Additionally, they found two crewmembers from the Arcos following that vessel's destruction in high orbit and the crash landing of the escape pod on the planet. They kidnapped them and held them hostage for more supplies. Its members protected the site of the escape pod and held its crew near one of their headquarters. An infiltration by Coalition member Ishara Yar and an away team from the USS Enterprise-D successfully rescued them. Yar additionally was almost successful in destroying one of their power generators, but was stopped by the Enterprise crew.

All Alliance members wore thin headbands and dark vests and their proximity detectors glowed green in the presence of Coalition members. (TNG: "Legacy")


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