The following is a list of unnamed Human inhabitants of Turkana IV.

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Alliance members Edit

These individuals were members of the Turkana IV Alliance.

In 2367 they guarded the crash-landed escape pod of the Federation freighter Arcos and held the two pilots prisoners. They got into a shootout with Ishara Yar and an away team of the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Legacy")

It might be possible that one of the members is Yosh as his name can be heared when they crowded.

Civilians Edit

These civilians were living in the underground city. Some of them passed an away team of the Enterprise-D in 2367. (TNG: "Legacy")

Coalition lieutenant Edit

Coalition lieutenant

A Coalition lieutenant

This man served as a lieutenant in the Turkana IV Coaltion in 2367. He led a group of Coalition members through a territory in the underground city followed by members of the Alliance. When he met the away team of the Enterprise-D he first pointed his gun on them but then led them to their leader Hayne. When the away team mentioned a deceased crewmember had been from Turkana IV, Hayne ordered his lieutenant to search the database for everything they knew about the Enterprise, a search that would lead them to their own colleague, Ishara Yar. (TNG: "Legacy")

This Coalition member was portrayed by Christopher Michael and credited as "Man #1" in the end credits of the episode.

Coalition members Edit

These individuals were members of the Turkana IV Coalition. Following the encounter with an away team from the Enterprise-D in 2367, their leader Hayne offered assistance to the Federation in finding the pilots of the Arcos. He introcuded Ishara Yar, sister of the deceased Starfleet lieutenant Tasha Yar, but disguised his true plans, wiping out the Alliance by destroying their fusion reactor and enable a massive invasion of the Alliance territory. (TNG: "Legacy")

Yar's parents and guardians Edit

The parents of Tasha and Ishara Yar were inhabitants of Turkana IV who were killed in some crossfire in 2342, just after Ishara was born. According to Ishara, Tasha "hated the cadres" and "blamed them for our parents death."

Following their deaths, "some people" looked after an orphaned Tasha and Ishara, until they also disappeared inexplicably. After this, Tasha took care of Ishara, until Ishara was old enough to join the Coalition. (TNG: "Legacy")

These parents were only mentioned in dialogue.
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