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The turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) was an Earth bird whose meat was favored by Humans. It was served as the main course of Christmas (VOY: "Spirit Folk") and Thanksgiving, where it was often served with stuffing. (DS9: "Blaze of Glory") The term "turkey" was also a synonym for a sucker. (TNG: "The Royale")

While reminiscing about his childhood, Commander Tucker once noted that on one Thanksgiving he removed the screws from the families' dining room table, which he explained as being "so old, the wood sort of stuck together, so it stayed standing." He continued, by noting, that it stayed standing until his dad put the turkey down, which caused the table to collapse. (ENT: "Observer Effect")

The protein resequencer aboard Enterprise NX-01 were capable of creating a versatile choice of foods ranging from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to turkey with all the trimmings. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice")

On Thanksgiving 2266, James T. Kirk wanted his crew to celebrate the holiday by requesting to the chef that he make their synthetic meatloaf look like a turkey. Later he was told by the chef that somehow the meatloaf had been replaced by actual turkeys. (TOS: "Charlie X")

In 2366, Commander Kurn briefly served aboard the USS Enterprise-D as part of the Officer Exchange Program between the Federation and Klingon Empire. During his visit Jean-Luc Picard attempted to select a menu that would allow Kurn to sample a variety of dishes, including roasted turkey. Upon viewing the turkey, Kurn inquired as to how long the bird had been dead, noting that "it appears to have been lying in the sun for some time." Geordi La Forge then explained to Kurn that it is not really dead, but instead replicated. With that explanation, Kurn reluctantly decided that he would try some of their "burned replicated bird meat," but was unable to eat it, stating that Klingon food "has much more taste to it" and that turkey was "far too bland for the stomach of a Klingon." (TNG: "Sins of the Father")

In a 2375 attempt to make Tom Paris jealous of his wife's ex-boyfriend Maxwell Burke, Harry Kim jokingly referred to Paris as "Turkey Platter", playing on the old nickname Burke had for Torres, which was based on the initials in her name, "BLT." (VOY: "Equinox")

In 2376, Michael Sullivan berated the rest of the holographic inhabitants of Fair Haven for restraining suspected "spirit folk" (members of USS Voyager's crew), saying, "It's bad enough you've got them trussed up like Christmas turkeys". (VOY: "Spirit Folk")

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