Tuvok the Kid was an allusion to a Human outlaw from the Western United States during Earth's 19th century, given as a sarcastic nickname to Tuvok by The Doctor.

After USS Voyager took aboard several Benkaran prisoners from a disabled Nygean prison ship, in 2377, two were transported to sickbay for injuries. One of the two prisoners, Iko first took Seven of Nine hostage before she was able to escape his hold, thereafter leaving Iko to take The Doctor hostage.

Though The Doctor felt that he had control of the situation, on account of himself being a hologram, he could not be hurt. Nonetheless, Tuvok shot his phaser through The Doctor, ending the situation.

Following the standoff, The Doctor assured Seven that "thirty more seconds and I could have resolved the situation peacefully. Instead, you and Tuvok the Kid had to take matters into your own hands." As a consequence of Tuvok's "friendly fire", The Doctor experienced a feedback surge in his holographic emitters. (VOY: "Repentance")

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