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Commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, the starship Enterprise lay in orbit above the planet Santar...


Radiation from Santar's twin suns sends Kirk and Spock across a star system, to battle frog-like aliens.

Memorable quotes

"Jupiter! He's going to shoot us!"

- Spock

"I happen to be a computer expert. Perhaps one of the best in the universe... and that's no boast!"

- Spock

"Spock, you've got to hurry it up. Any moment and we're going to get bombs in our hair."
"Really? You ought to see the delicate structure of these components, Captain. Fantastic!"
"For Pete's sake, Spock! They're about to attack!"
"Worry breeds hurry, Captain. You go and be lookout, and leave me to my work. Please?"

- Kirk and Spock

Background information


  • Kirk and Uhura are the only crew members to wear red; everyone else wears blue.
  • Spock swears by Jupiter.

Setting and technology

Kirk and Spock are accused of spying by a frog alien

  • After Kirk and Spock tried to transport through a pair of coronas from the twin suns, their beam put them into an adjacent star system.

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Haltak, a frog alien
  • Dalbar, an astronaut

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