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The spaceship Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, was pursuing its lonely course through the void...


Approaching the far distant Beton system, the Enterprise enters the territory of the "Collector" who tries to add it to his vast museum of transport.

Memorable quotes

"And by Jupiter – I recognize the pilot! He's Earth's top flier... Commander Wallace Hawkins!"

- Enterprise crewman

"A simple demonstration of my genius, Captain! A perfect replica of your friend... constructed within the space of a mere fifteen minutes. I trust you are impressed with this demonstration?"

- The Collector

Background information


  • One of the Enterprise crewmen swears by Jupiter.

Setting and technology

The Collector looks forward to adding the Enterprise to his collection

  • One of the shuttles has the registry 1701/8.

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Wallace Hawkins, an air force test pilot
  • The Collector

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