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Far in the little-known wastes of deep space lay the planet coded as Nova-Thirteen…


While looking to repair a robot ship on Nova-Thirteen, Kirk and Scotty are captured by primitives with monstrous cyclopean watchdogs.

Memorable quotes[]

"Playing stooge to a mechanical man isn't exactly exciting…"
"Don't say that, Skipper! I can do with a spell of peace and quiet for a change!"

- Kirk and Spock

"What the blazes are they up to down there?"
"They'd call us if they needed anything, Mr. Spock. Maybe there's some reason they don't want to use the communicator."

- Spock and Uhura

"We're in trouble, Scotty! How d'you feel about hunting?"
"I don't approve of it, Skipper… Especially when I'm the quarry!"

- Kirk and Scott

Background information[]


  • Kirk and Uhura are the only crew members to wear red; everyone else wears blue.
  • Nobody swears by Jupiter.

Setting and technology[]

Kirk and Scott on alien trial

Kirk and Scotty are put on trial

  • The shuttle Kirk and Scotty use has a registry NCC-170-7 and NCC-1701-7, depending when it is seen.

Publishing history[]

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast[]

Other characters[]

  • Starfleet Admiral
  • President of the Trans-Galactic Zoological Federation

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