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Ordered to make for the planet Lothor and negotiate a defence alliance against the hostile Klingon Empire, Captain Kirk took the starship Enterprise through the black velvet of deep space...


Captain Kirk and the Enterprise head to planet Lothor to negotiate a defense alliance against the Klingon Empire. The Klingon Empire has taken control of the Lothorian President with their mechano-hypnotizer and soon the Klingon Empire will deliver a devastating blow to the Federation.

Memorable quotes

"Sometimes I think total war might be the answer! End the stalemate one way or another!"
"The government won't wear that one, sir. But there's talk of extending strategic defence alliances!"
"I know, I know! We'd better alert Captain Kirk at once!"

- An admiral and his aide

"Surely the fool can't mean to attack? David against Goliath didn't have anything on this!"

- Kirk

Background information

Setting and technology

The Enterprise is attacked by a Klingon raider

  • The classic Klingon Bird-of-Prey makes an appearance.
  • Chekov is aboard, placing the story between 2267 and 2269.

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Karkax, Klingon professor

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