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Out in deep space, the spaceship Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, lay hove-to under emergency conditions!


McCoy brings an injured crewman to Certax for medical care, but penal colony inmates take the ship.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Someone's paying Certax a visit. Must be official... only a nut would want to take a holiday here!"

A guard

"You. Show Kelly and Mendoza what to do. Or should I shoot the Captain?"
"Go to blazes! Who's going to work this ship if you kill him?"

- Jarman and Spock

"McCoy – as a non-combatant doctor, you pack a mean armoury!"

- Scotty

Background information Edit


  • Kirk and Uhura are the only crew members to wear red; everyone else wears blue.

Setting and technologyEdit

Planning for a prison escape

Convicts plan to escape from the Certax prison colony

  • Chekov is aboard, placing the story between 2267 and 2269.
  • Shuttles that are not part of the Enterprise compliment dock with the ship by means of a flexible compression hose.

Publishing historyEdit

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular castEdit

Other charactersEdit

  • Corcoran, injured crewman
  • Jarman, prisoner
  • Kelly, prisoner
  • Mendoza, prisoner
  • Schirach, prisoner
  • Bradley, member of the repair crew
  • Bruno, a guard dog
  • Colonel Strang, governor of the Certax prison

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