Ty'Gokor orbital facility

The Ty'Gokor orbital facility

The Ty'Gokor orbital facility was a type of Klingon space station located in orbit of Ty'Gokor. At least two of these stations were in orbit of the planetoid in 2373. (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising")

Background information Edit

While the script mentions several "defense installations, ship docks and weapons platforms" in the scene, these "armored space stations" (as described in the Star Trek Encyclopedia) were the only installations to appear in the episode.

Ty'Gokor studio model at Christie's

The studio model at Christie's

The physical model measured 39×26×24 inches and was designed and kitbashed by Anthony Fredrickson. [1](X). Michael Okuda, who assisted, has noted,"I thought the crowning stroke of ingenuity on this model was that we stuffed the interior with strings of white Christmas tree lights. We didn't have time to mount them properly or even to attempt to arrange them inside the model, but in this case, the random stuffing of lights worked well, I thought."[2](X)

The Ty'Gokor station studio model appearing in the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction as Lot 482, estimated at US$2,000-$3,000, was eventually sold on 6 October 2006 with a winning bid of US$7,000 ($8,400 including buyer's premium). However, the model re-appeared in a later Christie's auction, this time selling on 30 May 2007 for US$5,500 ($6,600 including premium). It is likely the first sale was not completed. The second has been confirmed by the buyer, American collector Anthony Sforza. [3]

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