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The Type 11 was a shuttlecraft type used by Starfleet in the latter half of the 24th century.

Physical arrangement

This type of shuttlecraft had two engine nacelles attached to the ventral sides of the main body of the shuttlecraft. The cockpit had one large forward facing window and two smaller windows on each side of the craft.

This shuttle type was also equipped with dorsal docking clamps and an airlock. The shuttle came armed with phaser arrays. Shuttles were also able to fire tachyon bursts from the rear of the craft.


The cockpit

The cockpit of a Type 11 shuttle had two forward facing seats positioned side by side. There was also one seat on each side of the craft behind the pilot seats. A transporter was located in the rear of the cockpit. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Shuttles of this type


Background information

The designation type for this shuttlecraft was not given in the film; however, some background sources use the term "Type-11 shuttlecraft". One of these sources was the production illustrator John Eaves. [1]

The interior of the shuttle was a modification of the runabout set used primarily on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Studio model

See Type 11 shuttlecraft model

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