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The USS Cayuga (NCC-1557) was a Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet from 2245 until its destruction by the Gorn in 2259.

Service history[]


The Cayuga was launched in 2245. (SNW: "Hegemony" display graphic)

Missions with the Enterprise[]

In 2259, the Cayuga, under the command of Captain Marie Batel, and USS Enterprise provided a Romulan Neutral Zone outpost with much retrofitting and supplies. Before leaving the area, Captain Batel was ordered to take Una Chin-Riley into custody for concealing her genetic status. (SNW: "A Quality of Mercy")

Later that year, the Cayuga and Enterprise jointly charted a new binary star system. Following the Enterprise's subsequent mission to Rigel VII, Captain Christopher Pike redirected the Cayuga and another starship to transfer his prisoner Zac Nguyen. (SNW: "Among the Lotus Eaters")

Quantum uncertainty reach star chart

Cayuga labeled on a chart of the subspace communications network

Later that year, the Cayuga was located in the Alpha Quadrant near the Gorn border when the USS Enterprise discovered a subspace fold. The Cayuga and its crew were one of at least twenty-four starships affected by the phenomenon's quantum uncertainty field. Shortly after, Captain Batel and the Cayuga, rendezvoused with the Enterprise, where she informed Captain Pike they had been assigned a priority one mission. (SNW: "Subspace Rhapsody")


USS Cayuga wreckage

Wreckage of the Cayuga in Parnasus Beta orbit

The Cayuga had been tasked with assisting the colony on Parnassus Beta, including improvements to its agriculture and providing necessary vaccines for the population. Before finishing the task, the Cayuga was destroyed by the Gorn over the planet, although most of the crew were on the planet's surface at the time. Almost all the crew onboard was killed instantly or later, by some boarding Gorn, until only Nurse Christine Chapel survived. Captain Batel managed to send a distress call that was picked up by the Enterprise, which rushed to investigate. In order to restore communications and transporters to rescue the survivors, Lieutenant Spock boarded the remains of Cayuga, searching Chapel, and both made's saucer section crash into a Gorn interference tower on the planet. However, before the Enterprise could rescue them, the Gorn transported everyone but Pike, Lieutenant Montgomery Scott, and Batel before the Enterprise could assist. (SNW: "Hegemony")




Background information[]

USS Cayuga CGI Wireframe

USS Cayuga specifics as displayed on computer monitor

Details of this class were seen on a background graphic that was not easily readable on screen. However, it was provided by series Art Director Tim Peel on Twitter. [1]

This ship was presumably named either for the Cayuga people of Native Americans, or for one of the various ships of the United States Navy that bore the name USS Cayuga.

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