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"The Cerritos might be falling apart, but that's kind of awesome too. It's our job to keep it together."

The USS Cerritos (NCC-75567) was a 24th century California-class Federation starship operated by Starfleet, under the command of Captain Carol Freeman. (LD: "Second Contact")


Early encounters

Prior to stardate 57436.2 in 2380, the Cerritos suffered damage from several meteor impacts before barely escaping a black hole.

Later, the ship's port nacelle struck an ice formation, causing a temporary power failure.

It also happened upon a battle between eleven Romulan D'deridex-class warbirds and six Borg cubes. The Cerritos warped away from the conflict after being hit only once.

Later still, a large space grub attached itself to the ship's port nacelle. (Star Trek: Lower Decks opening credits)

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Second contact with Galardonian High Council

The Cerritos was in service by stardate 57436.2 in 2380, where it was docked at Douglas Station prior to its second contact mission with the Galardonian High Council.

During this second contact mission, as Commander Jack Ransom was wrapping up his visit with the Galardonian High Council, he was bitten by a flying insect before beaming back to the ship, where he dismissed it. Later, this insect bite caused Ransom to have a seizure at the bar, due to a viral infection. The crew panicked as he suddenly became feral, and attacked other crew members by biting them, spreading the infection.

The situation quickly got out of hand, and the call was made for any uninfected crew members to meet in Transporter Room 8. As the crew gathered, Ensigns Brad Boimler and Beckett Mariner beamed back to the ship and were surprised to see what was going on around them. Boimler was still covered in a pink slime that he picked up on the surface after a run in with a teething spider creature, which Doctor T'Ana determined could be used to synthesize a cure for this virus. After one was produced, it was able to be distributed through the ventilation system, restoring the crew to their normal selves. (LD: "Second Contact")

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Escort General K'orin to Tulgana IV

Present Honor Crystal to Gelrakians

Recover Ancient Generation Ship

Implode Mixtus III's Moon

On Stardate 57601.3, the Cerritos was called to Mixtus III to assist USS Vancouver in the controlled implosion of an unstable moon that threatened the population. Beside providing assistance in terms of manpower, Captain Freeman was also instrumental in helping Mixtusians to reach mutually acceptable solutions that allowed the implosion to go forward. (LD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow")

Salvage of Starfleet cargo

The Cerritos was engaged in a standoff with the Drookmani over the salvage of a wrecked Antares-type cargo ship. The Drookmani started picking a fight with the Cerritos by throwing debris at the ship with their tractor beam. Captain Freeman refused to engage them in a fight due to diplomatic reasons. The Cerritos stood her ground as the Drookmani continued to throw debris, weakening their shields. Freeman's patience eventually ran out, but it was too late to fight back. Shields and weapons became disabled. Freeman almost gave the order to abandon ship, when they noticed that the Drookmani ship started breaking apart due to a corrupted isolinear core that was sent out an airlock by Ensigns Mariner and Boimler. (LD: "Terminal Provocations")

Visiting captain

Witnessing the birth of a space vessel lifeform

Captain Freeman, Commander Ransom, and Lieutenant Shaxs, were selected by Admiral Syltrack for a mission to the Pisepian agricultural colony in disputed territory. In their absence, Captain Amina Ramsey of the USS Oakland was put in temporary command of the Cerritos, accompanied by Lieutenants Durga, Ottessa Warren, and Drew Prachett. Under Captain Ramsey's command, the Cerritos journeyed to Khwopa to perform repairs on the inhabitants' water filtration system before rendezvousing with the USS Rubidoux, which was found adrift in space. It was later discovered that the Rubidoux had been invaded by space entity that was feeding on the ship's energy. Captain Ramsey and her away team were able to save Captain Dayton and her crew before the entity consumed the whole ship. The destruction of the Rubidoux resulted in the birth a space vessel lifeform. (LD: "Much Ado About Boimler")

Attack of the Pakleds

Under attack by the Pakleds

When responding to USS Solvang's distress call originated from the Kalla system, the Cerritos's crew discovered that it was destroyed with the lost of all hands. Soon the Cerritos was attacked and captured by the same unknown vessel that had destroyed the Solvang, with the intend to dismantle the Cerritos for parts. The unknown vessel turned out to be a Pakled ship heavily modified with starship parts from over 30 species. Having its port warp nacelle torn away, the Cerritos was powerless to escape or fight back, but Ensign Brad Boimler discovered that the Pakled ship's system can be easily hacked due to its need to accept systems from different species. With the help of his training hologram Badgey, Ensign Sam Rutherford was able to create three viruses that can disable the Pakled ship. Rutherford uploaded one of the viruses into his implants and Lieutenant Shaxs flew them to the Pakled ship using the shuttlecraft Sequoia. While Rutherford downloading the virus to the Pakled ship's computer, Badgey triggered the auto-destruct of the ship, intending on killing Rutherford over Rutherford snapping Badgey's neck when the holo-program malfunctioned last time. Seeing no time left, Shaxs ripped off Rutherford's implant, placed him on the Sequoia, and pushed the shuttlecraft back into space, saving Rutherford but sacrificing himself as the ship exploded.

The Cerritos undergoing repairs

Freed from the Pakled ship, the Cerritos restored its main power and attempted to fly away, but was soon captured by another three newly arrived Pakled ships. Just as Ensign Beckett Mariner, taking command of the Cerritos, saw no option left but to abandon ship, USS Titan arrived and immediately open fire on the Pakled ships, forcing their retreat and saving the Cerritos. Later, arriving back at a starbase, the Cerritos underwent extensive repairs as its crew mourned the lost of Shaxs. (LD: "No Small Parts")

List of second contacts

Technical data

Embarked craft

The Cerritos carried a complement of Type 6A shuttlecraft, all named after national parks in California, in its shuttlebay. (LD: "Second Contact", "Envoys")

Command crew

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Background information

The Cerritos is named for Cerritos, California.

According to Star Trek: Lower Decks series creator Mike McMahan, the yellow markings on the Cerritos indicate that its primary mission is second contact engineering support.[1]

McMahan also said that the Cerritos' registry number (NCC-75567) is based on his mother's telephone number. [2]

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