This is a list of personnel assigned to the USS Cerritos. (Star Trek: Lower Decks)

Crew manifest

Name Rank (final) Position Division Dates Species Notes
Asif Ensign Command Human
Barnes Ensign Operations Trill
Billups, Andy Lieutenant Commander Chief engineering officer Operations Human
Bingston, Winger, Jr. Lieutenant Sciences Human
Boimler, Bradward Ensign Command c. 2379-2380 Human Transferred to the USS Titan
Durga Lieutenant Sciences 2380 Vulcan Temporary transfer from the USS Oakland
Castro Ensign Command
Fletcher Ensign Command -2380 Human Transferred to the USS Titan
Freeman, Carol Captain Commanding officer Command Human
Jennifer Ensign Command Andorian
Jet Lieutenant Operations Human
Karavitus Ensign Command Human
Lemonts Lieutenant Command Human
Levy, Steve Lieutenant Sciences Human
Lundy Transporter chief Operations Human
Mariner, Beckett Ensign Command c. 2379- Human
Migleemo Counselor Unknown
O'Connor Lieutenant junior grade Operations -2380 Human Ascended
P'jok Ensign Command
Peanut Hamper Ensign Medic Sciences 2380 Exocomp Deserted
Prachett, Drew Lieutenant Operations 2380 Rigelian Temporary transfer from the USS Oakland
Ramsey, Amina Captain Commanding officer Command 2380 Human Temporary transfer from the USS Oakland
Ransom, Jack Commander First officer Command Human
Rutherford, Samanthan Ensign Engineer Operations Human Cyborg
Shaxs Lieutenant Security officer Operations -2380 Bajoran Deceased
Stevens Lieutenant Commander Command Human
T'Ana Commander Chief medical officer Sciences Caitian
Tendi, D'Vana Ensign Medic Sciences 2380- Orion
Vendome Ensign Operations Bolian
Warren, Ottessa Lieutenant Command 2380 Trill Temporary transfer from the USS Oakland
Westlake Lieutenant Nurse Sciences Human

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