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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Discovery personnel in 2257

List of personnel assigned to the USS Discovery. (Star Trek: Discovery)

Crew manifest

Name Rank (final) Position Division Dates Species Note
Adhar Lieutenant Operations
Airiam Lieutenant commander Spore drive ops officer Sciences 22562257 Human Cyborg KIA
Aloka Lieutenant
Brianna Logic sciences 2257– Human KIA
Bryce, Ronald A. Lieutenant junior grade Communications officer Operations 2256– Human Temporary assignment to the USS Curry
Burnham, Michael, Jr. Captain Commanding officer Command 2256– Human
Chiefowitz Ensign 2256– Human
Christopher Lieutenant Communications officer Operations 3189 Human
Collins Lieutenant 2256– Human
Cornwell, Katrina Vice admiral Acting commanding officer Command 2257 Human Deceased
Connolly, Evan Lieutenant Sciences 2257 Human KIA
Culber, Hugh Lieutenant commander Physician Medical 3189– Human KIA; revived
Decker Cadet 2256– Human
Detmer, Keyla Lieutenant Commander Helmsman Operations 2256– Human Cyborg
Gavin Lieutenant 2257– Human
Georgiou, Philippa Commander 2257; 3189 Terran Returned to mirror universe
Gotthelf Commander 2256– Human
Harrington Engineer Operations 2256– Human
Haynes, Andre Lieutenant junior grade Sciences officer Sciences 2257– Human
Jameson Ensign 3190
Kim, Albert Lieutenant junior grade Sciences officer Sciences 3189– Human
Kowski Security officer Operations 2256 Human KIA
Landry, Ellen Commander Chief of security Operations 2256 Human KIA
Linus Lieutenant Chief Sciences Officer Sciences 2257– Saurian
Logan Ensign 2256– Human
Lorca, Gabriel Captain Commanding officer Command 2256–2257 Terran KIA
Magnus Ensign 2256– Human
Molina Ensign 2256– Human
Nhan, D. Commander Chief of security Operations 2257–3189 Barzan Transferred to USS Tikhov
Nilsson Lieutenant Spore drive ops officer Operations 2257– Human Replaced Airiam
Owosekun, Joann Lieutenant Commander Operations officer Operations 2256– Human
Pike, Christopher Captain Commanding officer Command 2257–2258 Human
Pollard, Tracy Lieutenant Physician Medical 2256– Human
Rause Ensign 2256– Human
Reno, Jett Commander Engineer Operations 2257– Human
Rhys, Gen Lieutenant Commander Tactical officer Operations 2256– Human
Richter, Milton Lieutenant Communications officer Operations 2256– Human
Rocklin Ensign 2257 Human
Saru Captain Commanding officer Command 2256–3189 Kelpien Transferred to Kaminar
Stamets, Paul Lieutenant commander Specialist Sciences 2256– Human augmented with tardigrade DNA
Tal, Adira Ensign Sciences 3189– Human joined with Trill symbiont
Tilly, Sylvia Lieutenant First Officer Command 2256– Human
Tyler, Ash Lieutenant Chief of security/Section 31 liaison Operations 2256–2257 Klingon/Human artificial hybrid Resigned
Webb Commander 2256– Human
Wells Cadet 2256– Human
Wilson Commander 2256– Human
Zena Officer Security officer Security 3190 Human

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