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The following is a list of personnel assigned to the USS Enterprise-B.

Crew manifest

Name Rank (final) Position Division Species
Harriman, John Captain Commanding officer Command Human
Sulu, Demora Ensign Helmsman Operations Human
unknown Commander Communications officer Operations Human
unknown Lieutenant Commander Navigator Operations Human
unknown Lieutenant Science officer Sciences Human
unknown Lieutenant   Operations Human
unknown   Physician Sciences[1]  
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
unknown     Enlisted Human
  1. This character was not seen and the division is assumed by the position.

Unnamed personnel

Communications officer

Enterprise-B communications officer

This communications officer intercepted a distress call from the SS Lakul in 2293. (Star Trek Generations)

The communications officer was played by Thomas Kopache.
The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives his name as Mark Tobiaston. Given his rank, he was most likely the first officer.


These Enterprise-B crewmembers were stationed on the bridge during the maiden voyage of the ship in 2293. They welcomed James T. Kirk, Pavel Chekov, and Montgomery Scott and were interviewed by the journalists. Later, they witnessed the destruction of the SS Lakul and the SS Robert Fox. (Star Trek Generations)

All bridge crewmembers were played by background and stunt performers who received no credit for their appearance.
The lines "Why don't we give the captain a chance to look around first.", spoken by John Tampoya's character were provided by an unknown ADR voice actor.


An Enterprise-B lieutenant

This lieutenant attempted to beam aboard El-Aurian refugees from the Lakul but was unable to get a lock because they seemed to be in a sort of temporal flux. He later reported the falling percent of the ship's hull integrity. (Star Trek Generations)

This lieutenant was played by Tim Russ, better known as Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager.

Medical staff

These Starfleet medical personnel were due to report for duty aboard the Enterprise-B the Tuesday following the incident in the Nexus. (Star Trek Generations)

These characters were only mentioned in dialogue.


Enterprise-B navigator

This lieutenant commander of the operations division served as navigator aboard the Enterprise-B in 2293.

He informed Captain Harriman that the Enterprise was the only ship in range to rescue the Lakul, which was trapped in an energy field later identified as the Nexus. At Harriman's orders he released plasma from the warp nacelles to free the two transport ships but it wasn't successful. Later he informed the captain that the hull of the Lakul was collapsing and was hit by an explosion when the Enterprise-B was caught in the gravimetric distortion itself. Montgomery Scott took over his station. (Star Trek Generations)

He was played by regular Trek guest actor Glenn Morshower.
Although the grey collar was used in the Star Trek films to signify both science officers and operations division personnel, his specialty of navigator indicated he belonged to the latter. In the novel The Captain's Daughter, the navigator's name was given as Ensign Tommy Singer (β) and was he was said to have been an intimate friend of Demora Sulu's before his death. In Captain's Log: Harriman, his name was given as Lieutenant Commander Marruu (β).

Science officer

Enterprise-B science officer

This lieutenant served as science officer, and identified the Lakul as one of two transports carrying El-Aurian refugees to Earth. (Star Trek Generations)

The science officer was played by Jenette Goldstein.
As evidenced by the first draft script of Generations, the science officer was originally to have been a male. He expressed extreme excitement at the presence of the former Enterprise senior officers, commenting that he had read about their missions while he had been at grade school, though these exact same lines of dialogue are instead spoken by Captain Harriman in the final version of the film.
The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives her name as Voight. This is Goldstein's character's last name in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.