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"I still can't believe Starfleet saw fit to give a thief, a pirate, and a spy their own ship."
"Bunch of ne'er-do-wells and rule-breakers, really."
"What could possibly go wrong?"

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G), formerly the USS Titan (NCC-80102-A), was a Federation Constitution III-class starship operated by Starfleet in the 24th and 25th centuries.

Launched in 2396 under the command of Captain Liam Shaw, the USS Titan-A was originally the fourth Starfleet vessel to bear the name Titan and the second to bear the NCC-80102 registry. In 2401, the Titan-A was instrumental in stopping the Changeling/Borg threat to Starfleet and the Federation.

In 2402, she was rechristened as the Enterprise-G under the command of Captain Seven of Nine, the eighth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise, in honor of the command crew of the USS Enterprise-D and the crucial part the ship had played in assisting their efforts to counter the Borg.

Service history[]


The Titan-A incorporated components from the previous Luna-class USS Titan, such as the warp coils, nacelle shield mechanism, and computer systems. When Captain Liam Shaw took command of the Titan-A in 2396, he purged the computer of Captain William T. Riker's music library. (PIC: "The Next Generation", "No Win Scenario")

Early voyages[]

USS Titan-A

The USS Titan-A at Sol Station following her refit

By 2401, the Titan-A, under Captain Shaw's command, had completed thirty-six missions over a five-year period.

Shaw's five-year command of the Titan allegedly covered the period where he oversaw the refit of the ship. [1]

In 2401, Starfleet Academy Cadet Rew P'Cott Claudia-Jean was assigned to the Titan. (PIC: "The Star Gazer")

Rescuing Beverly and Jack Crusher[]

Shuttle departing USS Titan-A

Shuttle Saavik departing the Titan-A after being commandeered by Admiral Picard and Captain Riker

Later that year, The Titan-A was stationed at Sol Station when Admiral Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Riker boarded the Titan-A under the ruse of a routine inspection; it was really a means to use the ship to get to the Ryton system to locate Doctor Beverly Crusher. They were met by the ship's first officer, Commander Seven of Nine (temporarily going by Annika Hansen at Shaw's insistence). Shaw emphatically denied Riker and Picard's request to change course, but Commander Seven ordered a course set to those coordinates anyway and allowed Picard and Riker to commandeer one of Titan's shuttles into the Ryton Nebula. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

For these acts of insubordination, Shaw relieved Seven of duty and had her confined to quarters. (PIC: "Disengage")

USS Titan firing at the Shrike

The USS Titan-A firing photon torpedoes at the Shrike before escaping into the Ryton nebula

Shaw reluctantly took The Titan-A into the nebula after sensors showed the SS Eleos XII had come under attack from the Shrike, which was holding it in a tractor beam. The Titan-A interrupted the beam and transported Picard, Riker, Beverly, and her son, Jack Crusher, aboard. Beverly received medical attention in the Titan's sickbay. The Shrike's Captain Vadic demanded Shaw turn Jack over to her custody, claiming there was a sizeable bounty on his head, and used her vessel’s tractor beam to throw the Eleos at the Titan-A, penetrating its shields and damaging Deck 11 with shrapnel. Due to the Shrike's overwhelming tactical superiority, Shaw chose to take his ship deeper into the nebula. (PIC: "Disengage")

The Ryton Nebula[]

The Titan-A took fire from the Shrike, damaging the warp drive and aft sensors. To compensate, Shaw ordered crewmembers to visually search for the Shrike through the windows of the aft observation lounge. The Shrike caught up to them and opened fire, causing severe damage and incapacitating Captain Shaw. He transferred command to Captain Riker, who used a torpedo detonation maneuver to temporarily shake the Shrike off their tail, buying time for the crew to complete repairs.

USS Titan passing through portals

The Titan-A is forced to go through a portal created by the Shrike preventing them from escaping

The Shrike soon resumed pursuit, using stolen portal technology to forcibly redirect the Titan-A away from the nebula's edge. Commander Seven and Jack Crusher successfully repaired a verterium leak, intentionally caused by a Changeling posing as Ensign Eli Foster, that was allowing Vadic to track the Titan. However, before the Titan could leave the nebula, this same Changeling disabled the repaired warp drive with an explosive. Captain Riker opened fire on the Shrike, which used its portal tech to redirect the torpedo volley at the Titan, causing it to lose all propulsion and fall into the nebula's central gravity well. (PIC: "Seventeen Seconds")

The Titan was forced to intermittently lower shields to avoid causing a reactor meltdown, as main power had dropped to nine percent. Commander Seven attempted to locate the Changeling, who had already murdered Foster days prior and murdered another officer while evading pursuit.

Jack and Beverly Crusher devised a plan to manually open the ship's nacelle covers, allowing the Titan to absorb the energy from the periodic shock waves emitting from the nebula's center and "hitch a ride" out. Only Captain Shaw had the necessary expertise to hot-wire the twenty-year-old technology; Commander Seven successfully identified and killed the Changeling infiltrator when it attempted to sabotage this process. By temporarily diverting power from life support, the Titan was able to absorb the shock wave's energy and restore full power while propelling itself toward the nebula's edge.

Ryton Nebula lifeform

The Titan-A surrounded by the new life of the nebula after being born

When the Shrike intercepted, Captain Riker had the ship's tractor beam used to snag a nearby asteroid, causing it to collide with the Shrike and damage it enough for the Titan to escape. The Titan crew then witnessed the birth of an unknown species of spacefaring cephalopod lifeforms (the cause of the shock waves) before departing the Ryton system. (PIC: "No Win Scenario")

Return to Federation space[]

USS Intrepid and USS Titan

The Titan-A facing off against the USS Intrepid

The Titan then limped back to Federation space where they decided to stop at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant for repairs. Riker then transferred command of the ship back to Shaw who had since recovered from his injuries. Shaw reinstated Commander Seven and informed Riker and Picard that he had informed Starfleet of what had transpired and that they were on their way.

The USS Intrepid rendezvoused with them, sending over a security contingent led by Commander Ro Laren to bring Picard and Riker into custody. However, Ro privately instructing Picard to take the Titan-A on the run and arranged for the majority of its crew to be transferred to Intrepid instead. As Ro returned to Intrepid, her shuttle was sabotaged by changeling spies, and she purposely crashed it into Intrepid's port nacelle to buy time for her former captain to escape. Intrepid ordered the Titan-A to stand down and opened fire, forcing Shaw to flee. (PIC: "Imposters")

The Titan-A scattered multiple decoy transponder buoys to distract pursuers and traveled to Daystrom Station to investigate the recent theft there, beaming a team into the installation, but was forced to flee when Starfleet arrived. Titan went to the Starfleet Fleet Museum and hid itself among the exhibits, with permission from the museum's director. Jack and Titan's helmsman Sidney La Forge illegally removed the cloaking device from the HMS Bounty and installed it aboard the Titan-A, allowing it to return to Daystrom undetected, where they rescued Worf, Commander Raffaela Musiker and Daystrom Android M-5-10 before the ship was forced to flee again. (PIC: "The Bounty")

Laying a trap[]

USS Titan in the Chin'toka scrapyard

The Titan-A taking refuge in the Chin'toka scrapyard

The Titan-A was able to conceal itself in the Chin'toka scrapyard on minimum power while the crew attempted to locate Riker, which Seven of Nine attempting to connect with allies, including the friend Captain Tuvok, who was discovered to have also been compromised. After determining he was being held aboard the Shrike, they laid a trap for Captain Vadic, sending a falsified subspace message about the Titan-A being crippled in battle with the Vulcan warship VSS T'Plana.

When Vadic and her Changeling crew boarded the Titan-A, Shaw and Seven used the security systems to trap them inside force fields. Unfortunately, the M-5-10's Lore personae gained control long enough to corrupt the ship's systems and free the Changelings, who then seized the bridge. Vadic sat in the command chair and declared herself "captain of the USS Titan" while demanding Jack Crusher's surrender. (PIC: "Dominion")

USS Titan firing torpedoes

The Titan finishes the Shrike off with a volley of photon torpedoes

Vadic used bridge controls to lock down the ship, shutting off lights and communications and trapping the remaining crew with emergency bulkheads while her changeling troops attacked them. Jack attempted to use his newfound telepathic abilities to have Lt. Mura enter Picard's command override code on the bridge to regain control, but Vadic stopped him and executed Lt. T'Veen as incentive/punishment. Jack then proceeded to the bridge to buy the others time, stalling Vadic by threatening to destroy himself with a bomb unless she released her hostages, which she did. Once Data's persona fully integrated into the M-5-10 unit, he easily overrode Vadic's lockout and regained control of the ship. Introducing himself as the ship's “positronic, pissed-off security system”, he trapped the changeling soldiers in the corridors and ejected Vadic into space via the bridge evacuation hatch. Jack's "bomb" was actually a portable force field generator, keeping himself and Cmdr. Seven safe during the decompression. Worf and Musiker wiped out the remaining changelings after rescuing Riker and Deanna Troi from the Shrike, which the Titan-A destroyed with a torpedo barrage. (PIC: "Surrender")

Borg takeover[]

The Titan-A was subsequently taken over by the Borg who assimilated all of the younger crew members. The older command crew managed to escape on a shuttle, but Captain Shaw was killed by one of the assimilated crewmen, passing along command of the ship to Seven of Nine as he died. Seven remained behind with Raffaela Musiker as the rest of the command crew fled. (PIC: "Vox")

Subsequently, Seven, Musiker and a few older crew members managed to retake the bridge using adapted phasers to act as handheld transporters and used them to imprison the assimilated bridge crew in the transporter room. Detecting the USS Enterprise-D near a Borg cube, Seven realized that Picard and his crew were engaging the Borg in a ship which couldn't be controlled like the Titan and they needed to buy as much time as they could for the Enterprise to shut down the Collective's signal. Because Fleet Formation required line-of-sight transmissions, the Titan was able to use its stolen cloak to regain autonomy while using every prefix code they had for the entire fleet to scramble their shields. The Titan began decloaking to make attack runs, destroying several ships, before recloaking when the automation tried to regain control of them. However, despite the Titan pulling some of the fleet's attention off of Spacedock, it was eventually destroyed and the planetary shields failed and the fleet began targeting every major population center on Earth. The assimilated ensigns escaped the transporter room and destroyed the cloak, leaving the Titan exposed once more. A direct hit disabled the Titan before the assimilated officers stormed the bridge. However, the Enterprise was able to destroy the Borg cube, breaking the Borg's control over Starfleet and returning the assimilated personnel to normal.

USS Enterprise-D and Titan-A

The USS Enterprise-D and the USS Titan-A return to Earth

Following the destruction of the Borg, Admiral Beverly Crusher, now the Head of Starfleet Medical, devised a fleet-wide transporter solution to remove the Borg DNA from the young officers while also scanning for Changeling infiltrators. While clearing the Titan's crew, Crusher found and exposed a second infiltrator in the crew who was arrested. Following his rescue from the Changelings, Captain Tuvok met with Seven on the Titan, revealing that Picard and his crew had been pardoned for their crimes, including hijacking the Titan. As per Captain Shaw's recommendation in his officer review of Seven transmitted before the ship left for the Ryton system, Tuvok officially promoted Seven to the rank of Captain and put her in command of the Titan. (PIC: "The Last Generation")


USS Enterprise-G registry

The Titan renamed to the Enterprise

In 2402, the Titan was rechristened the Enterprise-G in honor of Jean-Luc Picard and the command crew of the USS Enterprise-D with Seven of Nine as the captain, Raffaela Musiker as the first officer, and Jack Crusher, now a Starfleet ensign, as special counselor to the captain.

Return of an old friend[]

USS Enterprise-G orbiting a star

The Enterprise-G orbiting a star

During their shakedown cruise, the Enterprise-G was orbiting a red giant star when Crusher was visited by Q who revealed that while the trial of Humanity was over for Picard, it had only just begun for his son. (PIC: "The Last Generation")

Command crew[]

USS Titan-A bridge

The crew of the Titan-A under the command of Liam Shaw in 2401

USS Enterprise-G command crew

The crew of the Enterprise-G under Captain Seven of Nine in 2402

Embarked craft[]



Background information[]

USS Titan (NCC-80102-A), model

a model of the USS Titan-A prior to its rechristening

According to the Star Trek: Picard Logs, the Titan-A was launched in 2402. [2] Showrunner Terry Matalas has since confirmed that this was an error and that the Logs were meant to list the launch date as 2401. [3]

Titan-A construction

Luna-class components being transferred

Before its launch, Captain Riker lent his expertise during the Titan's refit. [4]

Production Designer Dave Blass showed imagery of the Luna-class Titan components being transferred to the Titan-A on his Twitter account. That imagery concerned production concept art created for the show by John Eaves and Keene Sin. [5]

Executive Producer Terry Matalas explained in a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") about the decision to transform the Titan into the Enterprise-G, "In our mind, we were writing the origin story of the next Enterprise and that the Titan name would live on in a proper new Luna Class ship. The Titan-B. Hopefully glimpsed in some future show." [6]

The bridge set was a redress of the USS Stargazer bridge set. [7]

The Titan is the third ship passed to Seven of Nine in the final act of a season of Picard, following La Sirena and the Stargazer.

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