The bridge of the replica Enterprise

A transporter room aboard the replica Enterprise

The replicated main engineering

The interior of the USS Enterprise was partially replicated by the Gideon Council on the planet Gideon in 2268. It was constructed to contain Captain James T. Kirk in order to convince him to spread his Vegan choriomeningitis to the overpopulated Gideon civilization. Besides Captain Kirk, other individuals who visited the duplicate's interior included Odona, Ambassador Hodin, and two of his guards, as well as Commander Spock.

The replica featured at least one transporter room, sickbay, engineering, the bridge, and the recreation room, as well as quarters signposted as belonging to Captain Kirk. Several corridors were also featured within the duplicate Enterprise, allowing access from and to such locations as the transporter room, a turbolift that serviced the bridge, the recreation room, an open Jefferies tube near the captain's quarters, and an operable but unreliable exterior viewing port. Signposts arranged within the corridors suggested the presence of officers' quarters and a personnel records department. The recreation room featured a three-dimensional chess set, with chess pieces arranged as if in mid-game, and the room was signposted as being the sixth of its kind, hinting that similar recreation rooms could be found within the replica's confines. (TOS: "The Mark of Gideon")

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