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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

For the unrelated, non-canon prototype USS Federation, please see Federation class.

The USS Federation (NCC-325002) was a Pax-class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the 32nd century. It was usually referred to as Federation Headquarters, due to its role hosting the leadership of Starfleet and the Federation after the Burn.

Service history[]

After Earth seceded from the Federation in the late 31st century, Starfleet Headquarters and the Federation government were relocated onto the Federation, which was positioned at a secret location in deep space. As a further measure of protection, it was hidden within a distortion field sustained by power transmitted via cables by several nearby starships. (DIS: "Die Trying")

In 3189, after learning of the ship's coordinates from Adira Tal, the USS Discovery made a spore jump to the Federation to report for duty. The Federation assisted in Discovery's refit. (DIS: "People of Earth", "Die Trying", "Scavengers")

When Emerald Chain Minister Osyraa took control of Discovery, she was able to learn of its location. When negotiations between Fleet Admiral Charles Vance and Osyraa failed, the Federation came under attack by Discovery. However, Burnham was able to convince Vance to let Discovery go. (DIS: "There Is A Tide...", "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

A year later, the location of Federation Headquarters was labeled on a star chart used by Commander Paul Stamets for tracking the movement of the Dark Matter Anomaly through the galaxy. The Federation later hosted the Multilateral DMA Strategy Assembly. (DIS: "The Examples", "...But to Connect")

When the DMA threatened Ni'Var, United Earth and Titan, the Federation warped into Earth orbit to help protect the planet and cover the evacuation. Each deck was filled to capacity with refugees and then detached to act as a lifeboat before Admiral Charles Vance ordered the remaining crew to abandon ship on the USS Mitchell while he remained onboard, joined by Sylvia Tilly, to continue to provide cover for as long as possible. (DIS: "Coming Home")

In 3191, The Federation's Millennium Celebration was held at the Federation Headquarters. (DIS: "Red Directive")

Discovery parked near USS Federation

The USS Discovery positioned near the USS Federation.

The Discovery was parked near the Federation prior to its jump to the planet Lyrek.

Following the conclusion of the Dark Matter Anomaly crisis, the Federation returned to its original location in deep space. (DIS: "Under the Twin Moons")

After recovering the ISS Enterprise from a wormhole, Captain Michael Burnham had it sent to the Federation for storage. (DIS: "Mirrors")

Following the capture of Moll and L'ak, the Federation became the site of tense negotiations between the United Federation of Planets, represented by Ni'Var President T'Rina, and the Breen Imperium led by Primarch Ruhn. During the standoff, Burnham recognized Ruhn's dreadnaught as the ship that had destroyed the Federation in an alternate timeline that she had witnessed. Ruhn peacefully departed after being given L'ak's body and being allowed to take Moll prisoner. (DIS: "Erigah")

In the 33rd century, the Federation remained in use, now accompanied by several other Pax-class ships. (DIS: "Life, Itself")

Alternate timelines and realities[]

Breen dreadnaught

The ruins of Federation Headquarters

In an alternate timeline where the USS Discovery wasn't rescued from the time cycling in time, the Progenitor technology came into the possession of the Breen, who used it to stage a devastating attack on the Federation just a few weeks after Discovery's rescue; Commander Rayner suggested that it had been sold to the Breen by Moll and L'ak although Captain Michael Burnham later suspected that the pair had been killed by the Breen, who had then taken it for themselves. By 3218, Ruhn's dreadnaught, presumably the Breen ship that had destroyed the Federation in the first place, was parked near the wreckage of the Federation. (DIS: "Face the Strange", "Mirrors", "Erigah")

Technical data[]

The Federation housed a large number of UFP-02 type shuttlecraft. These included UFP-02 and UFP-11. (DIS: "All Is Possible")

The ship's dedication plaque bore a quote from the English poet Sarah Williams: "Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." (DIS: "Die Trying")




Background information[]

USS Federation dedication plaque (production) 2

Read for Star Trek Day 2022

Information about the ship's name, class, and registry were listed on a dedication plaque, The details of this plaque were revealed in a behind-the-scenes video on Star Trek Day 2022. [1] The registry number is the same as that of the USS Noble. The quote is by Sarah Williams from the Twilight Hours: A Legacy of Verse, a posthumous collection of Williams' poems published in 1868.

This ship/station was designed by Ryan Dening. Its expanded look in season 4 was designed by Lee Fitzgerald. [2]

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