The USS Helin (NCC-1692) was a 23rd century Federation starship operated by Starfleet.

In 2293, the Helin was assigned a Neutral Zone patrol mission in Sector 21290. The ship was named on a Starship Mission Assignments chart on the USS Enterprise-A bridge. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

This ship was not specifically mentioned in the movie's dialogue, but was listed in several starship status charts seen on the sets of the film. In an issue of Bjo Trimble's "Space-Time Continuum," it was mentioned that American astronomer Eleanor F. Helin was given a model of an Oberth-class ship which bore this name.
According to a ship list included in the plans, and not seen in the extended cut of the movie, this ship was commanded by R. Brookshire, and the ship was located in Sector 21290.
The ship's captain was named after Rebeca Brookshire, an assistant to the sixth movie's producer Ralph Winter. [1]
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