Personnel of the USS Hera. All hands inexplicably disappeared in 2370.


Unnamed Edit

Chief engineerEdit

The new chief engineer of the USS Hera was a female who enjoyed tinkering with the starship's nacelles. Silva considered her the second best technician in Starfleet, after her son Geordi La Forge.

During a message she sent to Geordi three weeks prior to the reports of the ship's disappearance, Silva suggested he come for a visit and she would introduce him to the woman. Geordi commented with some disdain that she was always trying to find him a wife. (TNG: "Interface")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

Crew Edit

The Hera crew numbered over three hundred personnel, many of whom were Vulcans. Geordi attended a party she had held for the crew seven months prior to their disappearance.

Three weeks prior to the Hera's disappearance, several new members joined its crew, including a new chief engineer.

Prior to coming to terms with the fact that the Hera was missing, Geordi speculated that his mother may have simply taken the crew on an unscheduled holiday.

When he believed he had located the ship, he feared stranding them. (TNG: "Interface")

This crew was only mentioned in dialogue.
The Pocket TNG novel Indistinguishable from Magic revealed that there were 57 survivors, including its male Vulcan first officer, Commander Savar (β). They colonized an alien planet.
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