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The USS Peregrine (NCC-1549) was a Sombra-class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the 23rd century.

Service history[]

In 2259, the Peregrine was mapping non-Federation space under the command of Captain Alice Gavin. During the mission, it rescued three castaways from a class M planet: a Human girl named Oriana, an Orion man named Pasko, and an humanoid of unknown species nicknamed "Buckley".

Unbeknownst to the crew, Pasko and Buckley had been infected with Gorn eggs. In an attempt to destroy the Gorn within himself, Pasko detonated a plasma grenade whilst inside main engineering, causing the Peregrine to automatically transmit a distress signal. The ship was then forced into an unscheduled emergency landing on Valeo Beta V. With the bridge and the matter-antimatter reactor disabled, the crew hardwired all the controls to engineering, using energy from the warp core injectors as emergency power. After a week of contending with the Gorn, Gavin and her remaining crew, numbering approximately twenty out of an initial complement of ninety-nine, decided to lure the hatchlings outside to protect their civilian passengers. However, in doing so all of them would succumb to hypothermia or Gorn attacks.

USS Peregrine on Valeo Beta V

The Peregrine derelict on Valeo Beta V

Starfleet subsequently dispatched the USS Enterprise on a priority one mission to ascertain the fate of the Peregrine and locate any survivors. A landing party found the Peregrine without power and empty of life, save for Oriana and Buckley barricaded inside a compartment on Deck 5. Shortly after, the Gorn eggs inside Buckley hatched; the hatchlings killed Cadet Chia and Lieutenant Duke, and infected Lieutenant Hemmer with more eggs, before they were neutralized. Nevertheless, the Enterprise team was able to reactivate the Peregrine's systems, after which the Enterprise recovered the ship from the surface with a tractor beam. (SNW: "All Those Who Wander")



Background information[]

USS Peregrine file

Peregrine specifications

Timothy Peel shared a clear version of the Peregrine's specifications, seen in the background of Pike's quarters in the episode, on Twitter. [1]