USS Shepard was a Federation starship operated by Starfleet during the late-23rd century. The Shepard's communications officer was Trillya.

The Shepard was among the vessels disabled by the Whale Probe approaching Earth in 2286.

In the distress call relayed to Starfleet Command from Trillya, she reported their emergency status Code 0195, that they condition remained the same, and that "the probe has neutralized all power supplies and we are functioning on reserves only." (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

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According to further scripted dialogue – identified as "N.D. Starship Dialogue," "Version 2" – the Shepard was commanded by Captain Clampett, and that said captain had quarantined all but minimal support crew due to failure of bio-sterilization capsules containing the Vegan D virus, which was believed to have infected the entire crew and was responsible for the deaths of fifteen crew members. Trillya further noted that the Shepard's atmospheric regeneration and reclamation systems were nonfunctional, and all medical supplies were spoiling due to the shutdown of refrigeration aboard the ship. She warned that life support systems would be exhausted within eight hours, and requested further advice from Starfleet in resolving their situation. [1]

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