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The USS Titan (NCC-80102) was a Federation Luna-class starship operated by Starfleet during the late 24th century, and the third Federation starship to bear the name Titan.


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Service history[]

Early assignments[]

In 2379, newly-promoted Captain William T. Riker became the commanding officer of the USS Titan. He transferred from the USS Enterprise-E, along with his new wife, Counselor Deanna Troi.

That year, the first assignment for the Titan's crew was to head up the new task force investigating the possibility of peaceful relations with the Romulan Star Empire in the wake of the recent events involving the coup d'état of Shinzon of Remus. (Star Trek Nemesis)

The Star Trek: Picard Logs indicate the Titan was launched in 2379 as a tactical heavy cruiser designed to counter threats such as the Romulans and the Borg. [1]

The Titan later investigated a case where terrorists attempted to use Varuvian ore to blow up Starbase 58. (LD: "Kayshon, His Eyes Open")

By 2380, the Titan under Riker's command was considered a distinguished posting and a step up from ships such as the California-class USS Cerritos. In this year, Ensign Fletcher was promoted and briefly assigned to the Titan from the Cerritos. Within six days, however, he had been demoted and fired for dumping garbage into the Titan's warp core and was transferred back to Earth. (LD: "Terminal Provocations")

The Pakled conflict[]

The Titan, along with the Cerritos were the only ships in range of the distress call that was from the USS Solvang that was in the Kalla system. Captain Carol Freeman told Commander Jack Ransom to inform the Titan that the Cerritos would handle it.

USS Titan facing a Pakled clumpship

The Titan coming to the aid of the Cerritos

The Titan later engaged three Pakled Clumpships that had captured the Cerritos, forcing them to withdraw and saving the latter ship before towing the crippled ship away with the tractor beam. Shortly afterward, Brad Boimler accepted a promotion and transfer to the Titan. The Titan was then given the task to escort Commander Troi to Tulgana IV. (LD: "No Small Parts", "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption")

USS Titan under attack

The Titan under attack by Pakled battle harpies

Three months later, the Titan was attacked by eight Pakled battle harpies. To escape, Riker ordered the ship into an anomaly, whereupon it experienced gluonic disruption. (LD: "Strange Energies")

USS Titan engaging a Pakled ship

The Titan engaging a Pakled ship

The Titan crew also investigated the Pakled takeover of a Varuvian mining colony on Karzill IV but were unable to determine whether any other power was involved in the operation. During this mission, a transporter duplicate of Brad Boimler, William Boimler, was created. The duplicate remained on the Titan, while the original Boimler returned to the Cerritos. (LD: "Kayshon, His Eyes Open")

Starbase 25

The Titan was stationed on the far side of Starbase 25 to repel any Pakled attack.

During the Command Conference later that year, the Titan was stationed on the far side of the star system from Starbase 25 to deter Pakled attack. (LD: "An Embarrassment Of Dooplers")

Later missions[]

Later that year, an apparent freak accident involving a leak of neurocine gas in William Boimler's quarters caused him to pass away in his sleep. The crew of the Titan gave his body a space burial within a photon torpedo casing, which was subsequently recovered by Section 31. (LD: "Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus")

When the Cerritos was being pursued by three rogue Texas-class automated starships, Doctor Migleemo suggested rendezvousing with the Titan. Captain Freeman rejected this as the Titan was too far away. (LD: "The Stars At Night")

Deanna holding Thaddeus, 2381

Deanna Troi with newborn Thaddeus Troi-Riker aboard the Titan

Captain Riker and Commander Troi were aboard the Titan when they welcomed their first child, Thaddeus Troi-Riker. (PIC: "Nepenthe", "Seventeen Seconds")


The USS Titan would later be succeeded by the Constitution III-class USS Titan-A vessel. The Titan-A incorporated components from this vessel, such as the nacelle shield mechanism and computer systems. When Shaw took command of the Titan-A in 2396, he purged the computer of Captain Riker's musical selection. (PIC: "The Next Generation", "No Win Scenario")

A model of the Titan would be on display on Titan-A. (PIC: "Disengage")

According to the Star Trek: Picard Logs, the Titan was pulled from service in 2398 after suffering extensive damages. The Titan's successor, the USS Titan-A would be commissioned four years later in 2402 under the command of Captain Liam Shaw. [2] However according to Terry Matalas, this was an error and it really should've been 2401. [3]

Barash's illusion[]

Riker personnel file 1 remastered

Fictional information about the USS Titan

In 2367, while exploring a cavern on Alpha Onias III, then-Commander Riker was rendered unconscious by gases. While unconscious, neural scanners scanned Riker's brain. The scanners used elements of Riker's expectations of his future and constructed a holoprogram of the year 2383 from those elements.

A fictional service record, within the holoprogram, was displayed in Riker's quarters on the USS Enterprise-D. According to his fabricated record, in 2370 on Stardate 47203, Commander Riker was promoted to the rank of captain, with his first command being the Titan. Under his command, the Titan was ordered to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone, provide tactical support to Starbase 384, and prevented a Romulan preemptive strike into the Gamma Hydra Sector. (TNG-R: "Future Imperfect" okudagram)

For the remastered episode of "Future Imperfect", the original text of Riker's service record was replaced.

Technical data[]

Embarked craft[]

The Titan carried a complement of Type 6A shuttlecraft, all named after 20th century jazz musicians, in its shuttlebay. (LD: "Kayshon, His Eyes Open")


"[...] a bunch of complex characters thrown into heavily serialized battles which always ended in mind-blowing twists and made me question the basic tenets of my reality."

Command crew[]

USS Titan bridge crew 2380

The Titan's command crew

See also: USS Titan personnel



Background information[]

Thaddeus Troi-Riker

Picard holding Thaddeus Troi-Riker

In the original script for Star Trek Nemesis, Wesley Crusher was to explain at the wedding scene that he was being assigned to the Titan under the command of William T. Riker. On the Titan, he became the assistant chief engineer with the rank of lieutenant commander. In a filmed but deleted scene, Crusher mentions he is on the night shift and that the Titan was equipped with a "double refracting warp core matrix with twin intermix chambers."

In the "Nepenthe" episode of The Ready Room, that week's trivia question stated the USS Titan was a Luna-class starship, named after the moon of Saturn (see "Apocrypha" below).

In the "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1" Ready Room episode, prop master Jeffrey Lombardi stated a photograph of Jean-Luc Picard and Thaddeus Troi-Riker was taken aboard the Titan.

The ship's design was created by Sean Tourangeau and first appeared on the cover and in bonus pages of the 2007 novel Sword of Damocles of the Pocket Books Star Trek: Titan series. Tourangeau's design was the winning entry in a reader contest announced by the publisher in the first volume of the series, Taking Wing, in 2005.

In the observation lounge of this starship, as seen in the Lower Decks episode "Kayshon, His Eyes Open", there were four images of spacecraft, including the Titan herself, suggesting a history of ships named Titan. The first image was that of the Titan II, the launch vehicle for Earth's first warp capable ship, the Phoenix. The second image was of a ship from an unidentified class, which was based on an early concept for the USS Enterprise by Matt Jefferies in the 1960s. The third image was of the USS Titan (β) (NCC-2752), a Loknar-class (β) frigate, from FASA's Federation Ship Recognition Manual. [4]

This ship was listed, with other spacecraft, under "Assignment" on a PADD used by a Starfleet Academy officer. This PADD is seen in the The Ready Room episode "Mercy".

Titan-A construction

Luna-class components being transferred

Dave Blass showed imagery of the Luna-class Titan components being transferred to the Titan-A on Twitter. [5]


Star Trek Official Starships Collection USS Titan cover

Eaglemoss/Hero Collector USS Titan

While mentioned in Star Trek Nemesis, remastered TNG, and early episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks, the Titan wasn't seen on screen until "No Small Parts". The ship's class wasn't mentioned by name in the episode.

According to various apocrypha, Wesley Crusher, Sariel Rager, Alyssa Ogawa, Melora Pazlar, T'Pel, and Tuvok also served onboard the Titan.

The supplement Starships released for the Decipher Star Trek Roleplaying Game states that the Titan was a brand-new Prometheus-class vessel.

Pocket Books has released a series of novels, called Star Trek: Titan, which are based aboard Riker's ship. It was stated that the Titan was not the first ship of its class, with that honor going to the pathfinder of the class, the USS Luna (β). The Titan was the most varied multispecies crew in Starfleet history; less than 15% of the crew is Human. The motto of the Titan according to the novels is "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" (IDIC), a maxim often associated with Vulcan philosophy. Due to Riker's love for 20th century Earth jazz and its varieties, he was compelled to have all issued shuttles christened with the names of musicians from the era. One, in particular, was named the Armstrong for Louis Armstrong; though it was mistaken to be named for Neil Armstrong by Tiburonian chief engineer Nidani Ledrah.

In a rare exception, the class and registry of the Titan from the novels were referenced in the fourth edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia, 4th ed., vol. 2, p. 401. Included with the entry, there was an image of the Titan.

The USS Titan was released as a starship miniature by Eaglemoss/Hero Collector, as a Bonus issue within its Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection partwork.

In the video game Star Trek: Resurgence, the Titan arrives with a fleet of ships to help the USS Resolute against the Tkon dreadnought Aphelion.

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