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Multiple realities
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For the mirror universe counterpart, please see ISS Voyager (NCC-74656-A).
"It's the new Voyager. What's not to love?"

The USS Voyager (NCC-74656-A) was a Lamarr-class starship operated by Starfleet during the late 24th century. It was the second Federation starship to bear the name Voyager with this registry.

It was commanded by Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway during its maiden voyage and later by Captain Chakotay.


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Service history[]

Construction and Launch[]

The USS Voyager-A in spacedock

The Voyager-A was commissioned and launched six years after the original Voyager returned home.

The original USS Voyager was decommissioned following its return to Earth after seven years in the Delta Quadrant and eventually transferred to the Fleet Museum. (PIC: "The Bounty"; LD: "Twovix"; PRO: "Into the Breach, Part I")

Vice admiral Kathryn Janeway felt that the next starship named Voyager needed an upgrade. The Voyager-A was refitted stern to stern with the latest and advanced technology that the original Voyager encountered during her time in the Delta Quadrant "and then some." The Voyager-A officially entered service in 2384. (PRO: "Supernova, Part 2", "Into the Breach, Part I")

Rescuing the Protostar crew[]

That year, it launched two shuttlecraft to pick up Dal R'El, Gwyndala, Murf, Jankom Pog, and Rok-Tahk from their damaged shuttle in San Francisco Bay. (PRO: "Supernova, Part 2")

Maiden Voyage[]

When Admiral Janeway learned that the Voyager needed a captain for its maiden voyage due to the rest of Starfleet dealing with the upcoming Romulan evacuation, she volunteered. Their first mission was to observe the wormhole at the Beta Quadrant border that had been created by the destruction of the USS Protostar and determine if it posed a threat. In reality, this was being used a cover for the rescue of Chakotay from the future using the Infinity which was kept in a retrofitted hanger dubbed Shuttlebay 3.

She tasked The Doctor with picking up the Protostar's young former crew -- now Starfleet Academy hopefuls -- and escorting them from Earth to Voyager. The kids eventually found out the truth about Voyager's mission after finding the hidden shuttlebay and overhearing the command staff discussing how Starfleet Command was threatening to cancel the mission. Janeway later explained the true stakes of their mission and the kids agreed to keep it a secret. (PRO: "Into the Breach, Part I", "Into the Breach, Part II")

However, an altercation between the young cadets and Nova Squadron resulted in the early launch of the Infinity into the wormhole with Dal R'El, Jankom Pog, Zero and Maj'el aboard. Although the group ensured the launch of the Protostar, they accidentally caused Chakotay and Adreek-Hu to be onboard as well, causing the Protostar to not go to Tars Lamora, thus changing history and creating a temporal paradox. Voyager managed to figure out a way to communicate with the Infinity crew through the wormhole for a brief time and transmitted everything they had on Temporal Mechanics 101 to them to help with the effort to turn the Infinity into a time machine. (PRO: "Into the Breach, Part II", "Who Saves the Saviors", "Temporal Mechanics 101")

After the temporally-displaced Protostar was found marooned on Ysida and repaired, it was discovered that Voyager was 3,000 light years away. The crew were forced to build a new proto-core in order to rendezvous with Voyager. (PRO: "Last Flight of the Protostar, Part II", "A Tribble Called Quest")

The Protostar was able to reach Voyager using its protostar drive, but the jump tore the already weakened fabric of the universe. Voyager was caught in the resulting interphasic rift, splitting the ship into a number of alternate reality Voyager's. Using the deflector dish on the ISS Voyager-A in the mirror universe, Chakotay and his young crew were able to fix the fracture in reality and arrived on the correct Voyager. (PRO: "Cracked Mirror")

While Janeway was willing to have Voyager aid in the mission to send the Protostar back in time to repair the broken timeline, Admiral Edward Jellico ordered both ships back to Earth where Janeway would be returned to her desk, Voyager's crew reassigned, the Protostar's young crew reevaluated, and the Department of Temporal Investigations would handle sending the Protostar back in time. (PRO: "Ascension, Part I")

However, before the orders could be carried out, Asencia, having taken control of Solum, sent the Rev-1 to attack and destroy Voyager. Even with the help of the Protostar and Nova Squadron, Voyager had trouble defending against the Rev-1's temporal weaponry and was nearly destroyed by the Incursor. However, Zero, at the cost of their corporeal body, managed to redirect the weapon to target Maj'el's Mark II Nova Flyer, allowing Nova Squadron to destroy the Rev-1 using the Boothby Supernova. With the threat of this new weaponry, Starfleet Command redirected Voyager and the Protostar to Solum to neutralize Asencia's temporal weaponry and stop all-out war between the Vau N'Akat and the Federation, a war that Starfleet could possibly lose given how stretched thin it was. (PRO: "Ascension, Part I", "Ascension, Part II", "Brink")

Although unable to interfere directly in the Vau N'Akat Civil War due to the Prime Directive, Voyager supplied the Protostar crew -- who were not Starfleet personnel and thus their involvement didn't violate the Prime Directive -- with equipment for their mission to rescue Ilthuran and find the source of Asencia's weaponry. After the Protostar crew beamed Ilthuran and Wesley Crusher aboard, Janeway granted Ilthuran political asylum on Voyager and personally led a rescue mission for the captured kids. Afterwards, Janeway agreed to help stop Asencia and save Solum. (PRO: "Brink", "Touch of Grey")

Voyager later participated in the Battle of Solum, attacking Asencia's ships to buy Dal's crew and Chakotay time to launch the Protostar back through time to Tars Lamora in order to repair the universe. When the Loom started invading, threatening the plan, Voyager escorted the Protostar into the wormhole, providing covering fire so that the much smaller ship made it and then beamed out the crew after The Doctor made a copy of Hologram Janeway's program using Voyager's EMH backup module. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part I", "Ouroboros, Part II")

After the battle, Janeway landed Voyager on the planet where the crew made peaceful first contact with the Vau N'Akat and dismantled Asencia's temporal technology. Janeway subsequently decided to take an early retirement before the Attack on Mars changed things for Starfleet, drawing Janeway back. Her young cadets were assigned to crew the new USS Prodigy while Chakotay became the new captain of Voyager. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part II")


By 2401, the USS Voyager-B was active prior to Frontier Day. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

Alternate realities and timelines[]

USS Voyager-A fractured

The Voyager-A being fractured into multiple alternate timelines and realities

In an alternate reality encountered by Chakotay, Dal R'El, Jankom Pog, Rok-Tahk, Gwyndala, Murf, Zero, and Maj'el, Janeway perished aboard the Infinity, along with Commander Tysess and Counselor Noum, while trying to rescue Chakotay from the future. She was replaced by Admiral Edward Jellico as the commanding officer of Voyager. (PRO: "Cracked Mirror")

In another alternate reality the group encountered, the crew of the USS Protostar failed to stop the living construct and the Federation was destroyed. Voyager was severely damaged and left for scrap, although the ship remained habitable and partially functional. When the group encountered this reality, Thadiun Okona was raiding Voyager and had already sold some of the parts for its transporters to the Andorians. Nevertheless, Okona was able to beam the group to the bridge level which, due to the anomaly that Voyager was caught in that had splintered reality, turned out to be in the mirror universe. However, Maj'el was either left behind or transported to another reality as a result of the missing parts while the transport took the group to the transporter room on deck 1 rather than the bridge itself. (PRO: "Cracked Mirror")

In another alternate reality encountered by Zero and Rok, Voyager was crewed by Enderprizians and it was commanded by Captain Tuvix. (PRO: "Cracked Mirror")

List of first contacts[]

Command crew[]

USS Voyager-A bridge

Janeway in command

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