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"The USS Voyager. Ho! "J." That's–that's ten generations of evolution?"
"Eleven. Would love to hear those stories."

The USS Voyager (NCC-74656-J) was a Federation Intrepid-class starship operated by Starfleet during the late 32nd century. It was the eleventh Federation ship to bear the name Voyager with this registry.

When the USS Discovery arrived at Federation Headquarters in 3189, Voyager was one of the nearby starships maintaining the station's protection field. (DIS: "Die Trying")

Later, a status display concerning Voyager was up in Fleet Admiral Charles Vance's office. (DIS: "Scavengers")

When Osyraa commandeered Discovery to enter the Federation Headquarters' protective shield and began attacking, Admiral Vance instructed Voyager to take the lead on attacking the Viridian while the rest of the fleet targeted Discovery. Voyager was then part of the Federation-Ni'Var fleet that pursued Discovery and the Viridian, and acknowledged instructions from Discovery to back to a safe distance when Discovery planned to detonate their warp core. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 2")


Background information

TrekCore reported that CBS confirmed the Voyager-J to have "the same class designation as Captain Janeway's Voyager, but with eight hundred years of evolution beneath the hull." [1]

The Voyager-J seen on "Die Trying" artwork

A full view of the design showing the disconnected warp nacelles was used in promotional artwork on social media. [2]

In Star Trek Online, this class of ship is called the Janeway-class.

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