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Udar (also known by the derisive nickname "Smike," after the handicapped character from Nicholas Nickleby), was one of nineteen Human Augments raised by Arik Soong in the 22nd century. An anomaly, Udar was born without any of the Augments' enhanced abilities, aside from a heightened sense of hearing.

Early life

Udar was the biological son of Miklos and Irina Karlovassi, two 20th century Humans. Along with the other Augments, Udar's embryo was stolen in 2134 from Cold Station 12, where Soong worked, and taken to planet Trialas IV, where he was brought to term and raised. Ten years later, Soong was apprehended and arrested by Earth authorities, but refused to divulge what he had done with the embryos he had stolen. In 2153, Udar was exiled by the other Augments, who believed that he was weak and detracted from the quality of the rest of the colony.


A year later, Udar was found and rescued by Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of Enterprise NX-01, who were attempting to locate the rest of the Augments, who had escaped their exile and stolen a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Udar was initially reluctant to help Archer, as he still felt a sense of loyalty to the other Augments, whom he considered to be his brothers and sisters. He later agreed to assist, however, when Archer was able to convince him that the Augments were endangering themselves and others through their actions. Udar accompanied Archer to Cold Station 12, where Soong, who had escaped imprisonment, and the other Augments had traveled to retrieve 1,800 Augment embryos still kept in cold storage there. While greeted joyously by Soong, who had been told he was dead (and was furious with the rest of his "children" when he learned the truth), Udar was ultimately killed by Malik, one of his "brothers," for his betrayal. (ENT: "Cold Station 12")

Udar was played by actor Kaj-Erik Eriksen.
In the final draft script of "Cold Station 12", this character was commonly referred to (such as for labeling dialogue) with the nickname "Smike". He was initially described as "nineteen, dirty, skinny."
In ultimately unused dialogue from the same script, Udar revealed that his Augment siblings had initially wanted to kill him before deciding to banish him. As a way to explain why they had reached the latter conclusion, he noted, "I guess it was easier to let me starve."
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