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At last – the generations meet!

Unification is an adaptation of "Unification I" and "Unification II", written by Jeri Taylor. A Pocket TNG novel published by Pocket Books, it was first released in November 1991.


From the book jacket
Based on the epic two-part television episode, here now is the story Star Trek fans have awaited for five long years, the story that brings Spock – the enigmatic Vulcan who personified the original, classic Star Trek – with the crew of the Next Generation.
Screenwriter Jeri Taylor brings all the excitement and wonder that have captivated fans of the smash television series Star Trek: The Next Generation to this story of Spock's forbidden journey into the heart of the Romulan Empire – and the USS Enterprise-D's desperate attempts to discover the reasons for his mission there.
Join now with Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and the rest of the Next Generation crew on a voyage of unsurpassed adventure, a voyage that brings them to the edge of history – and forces them to confront a shattering betrayal!

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When legendary Ambassador Spock goes missing and turns up on the Romulan homeworld, the USS Enterprise is sent to investigate. Although Spock is on a mission of peace to reunite Romulans with their Vulcan cousins, the Enterprise crew uncover a plot of a more violent reunification.

Memorable quotes

"I always had a different vision from my father's… It was an ability to see beyond pure logic. He considered it weak. But I have discovered it to be a source of extraordinary strength."

- Spock (p. 162)

"He's remarkably analytical and dispassionate for a human. I understand why my father would choose to mind meld with him. There's almost a Vulcan quality to the man."
"Interesting… And Captain Picard has been a role model in my quest to be more human."

- Spock and Data, about Captain Jean-Luc Picard (p. 171)

Background information

  • Jeri Taylor was approached by Pocket Books to write the novelization while still working on the teleplay for "Unification I". As she had hoped to become a novelist, Taylor readily agreed. However, she was only given 30 days to write the book. She recalled, "Yes, September 1991 was a month I'll never forget. I was writing Part One, I was writing the novel – it was like an endless finals week. You live on coffee, you're wired, you shut yourself off from family and friends: I had no other life but 'Unification'!" (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 183))
  • The novel generally keeps to the theme of the episode but expands on certain points. Specifically, background data on Captain K'Vada is provided, including a sub-plot where K'Vada has injured his arm during a sex fight with his mate, and Data subsequently adjusted his shoulder back into its socket after realizing K'Vada was "in discomfort".
  • The novel also provided an extra scene which was not in the episode, detailing how Commander Sela had ordered the destruction of Senator Pardek's home district as "punishment" for harboring dissidents. Sela made use of special commando Romulan shock troops who had been conditioned to feel no remorse and had no conscience; thus could easily kill women and children without hesitation. The name of Sela's Romulan father is also given in the novel, as General "Meldet".
  • The mind meld at the end makes reference to past experiences of Spock and Picard, including the "fatal bravery of a loyal pet" (TAS: "Yesteryear") and "mechanized violation of the body and mind." (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds")
  • Two species seen in Star Trek: The Animated Series are mentioned; the Phylosians from "The Infinite Vulcan" and the Skorr from "The Jihad".
  • The novel later inspired the subplot for "Thine Own Self". Ronald D. Moore recalled, "[T]here is a line about Troi reflecting on her experiences in the episode "Disaster", where she got command temporarily. Jeri had a line in there about tasting blood and wanting to again, and that stuck with me. I thought that was an interesting direction to take Troi." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 299)



Minor characters:

Miles O'Brien
Klim Dokachin
Ruah Brackett 
Starfleet admiral
Lieutenant, Admiral Brackett's aide
Gretchen Naylor 


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