Molecular pressure indicators

Three columns depicting pressure units

A unit was an unspecified measurement of molecular pressure.

While attempting to produce liquid trellium-D aboard Enterprise NX-01 in 2153, the molecular pressure during the "cooking" process was up to 1100 units when it began to show signs of instability.

After attempting to decrease the theta bombardment by seven percent, it continued to rise from 1400 units to 1430, before the radiation was discontinued altogether. An attempt to introduce a burst of delta radiation at eighty percent brought the pressure up to 2000 units before the container exploded. (ENT: "Rajiin")

Three columns depicting pressure readings were indicated on the display at the time the dialogue transpired: "Rel Mol Pres", "Std Mol Pres", and "Rev Mol Pres", the first of which was the only one that appeared up to the point when the explosion occurred.
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