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The United Earth Defense Force was the defense service maintained by United Earth in the late 32nd century, following Earth's secession from the United Federation of Planets a century prior.


Around 2958, the dilithium supply in the Milky Way Galaxy mysteriously dried up. The United Federation of Planets began trials with alternative warp drive designs but were unsuccessful. Sometime after an event that came to known as "the Burn" occurred. This event caused all dilithium to go inert and caused all starships with an active warp core to detonate. Millions perished and most of the ships destroyed were of Federation Nature.

Around 3089, the Federation and Starfleet relocated its headquarters elsewhere as Earth believed it was a potential target for whatever or whoever caused "the Burn". Sometime after the Burn and the relocation of the Federation and Starfleet, Earth seceeded from the Federation and rebuilt themselves to be self-sustainable.

By the following century, the United Earth Defense Force had replaced Starfleet as Earth's main defense. Through 3189, the Defense Force had been in conflict with Wen and his raiders. That conflict came to an end with the intervention of the USS Discovery. (DIS: "People of Earth")


Representative species 

The following races have had members of the species working for the Defense Force:



The Defense Force utilized starships equipped with quantum torpedoes. (DIS: "People of Earth")

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