United States military insignia was the insignia which was used by the United States armed forces to display rank.

General rank Insignia example Historical examples
General US o-10 rank pin General Norman Schwarzkopf, US Army
Lieutenant general US o-9 rank pin Lt. General Rex Denning, United States Army Air Forces
One- and two-star generals have never been seen on screen, but their existence is implied by the appearance of three- and four-star generals. Two additional ranks, five-star "General of the Army" (held by Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower) and six-star "General of the Armies" , (held by George Washington), have existed, but the insignia for these ranks has never been seen or discussed.
Officer rank Insignia example Historical examples
Colonel US o-6 rank pin Stephen G. Richey, US Air Force
Lieutenant colonel or commander US o-5 sleeve Commander Rogerson, US Navy
US o-5 rank pin Lieutenant Colonel Fellini, US Air Force
Major US o-4 rank pin US Army Air Corps major, 1947
Captain or lieutenant US o-3 rank pin Captain John Christopher, US Air Force
LTstripes Cetacean Institute tourist
First lieutenant US o-2 rank pin US Marine Corps lieutenant, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
The United States officer ranks of second lieutenant, ensign (equivalent ranks), lieutenant jg (equivalent to first lieutenant), lieutenant commander (equivalent to major), and the rank of naval captain (equivalent to colonel) have never been seen or discussed in Star Trek, hence their omission from the above table.
Enlisted rank Insignia example Historical examples
First sergeant USMC-1st-sgt Marine Corps Security Commander, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Master sergeant US Master sergeant ---
Staff sergeant USAF staff sergeant Air Police Sergeant, US 498th Airbase Group, Omaha, Nebraska
Sergeant Police sergeant ---
Petty officer PettyOfficer Navy Electronics Technician
Corporal USCorporal San Francisco tourist
Airman Security policeman, US 498th Airbase Group, Omaha, Nebraska
The above United States armed forces insignia have appeared in various Star Trek productions including TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday", TOS: "Miri", Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, DS9: "Little Green Men", VOY: "The Killing Game, Part II", and ENT: "Storm Front, Part II".
This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.
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