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List of unnamed Andorians who lived during the 32nd century.


An Andorian regulator

This Andorian worked as regulator at the entrance of the Mercantile in Requiem on Hima in 3188. He was present when Cleveland Booker and Michael Burnham entered the marketplace for couriers. His superior told him to let them pass although he wouldn't allow Burnham to enter the place.

Later, he was the head of the security team which stopped Cosmo Traitt in killing Booker. His team also tried to arrest Booker and Burnham later but they transported to a different place on the surface. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")

During her year-long quest to find out more about the Federation and the Burn, Michael Burnham interacted with this regulator. (DIS: "People of Earth")

The Andorian Regulator was played by actor Riley Gilchrist.

Regulator (3189)

An Andorian regulator

This Andorian regulator served under Osyraa on the warship Viridian and took part in the siege of the USS Discovery in 3189. (DIS: "There Is A Tide...")

This Andorian was played by Kirpa Budwal.
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