The following is a list of unnamed Antedians.

Aide Edit

Antedian aide

The Antedian aide

The Antedian aide was part of a two man delegation that the Enterprise-D picked up from the newly discovered planet of Antede III. He and his companion were to be transported to Pacifica for a conference. He arrived while in a statis coma in order to ease the voyage. In reality he and the delegate were assassins who were going to detonate an explosion at the conference. They were exposed by Lwaxana Troi, who informed Picard that they had explosives hidden under their robes. (TNG: "Manhunt")

The aide was played by background actor Peter Andrefsky who received no credit for this part.
The front metallic part of his costume was shorter than that of the dignitary. This is the only way to differentiate the two Antedians.

Dignitary Edit

Antedian dignitary

The Antedian dignitary

The Antedian dignitary was the leader of a delegation from the newly discovered planet of Antede III. The USS Enterprise-D was responsible for escorting the delegation to a Federation conference on Pacifica. The dignitary, as well as the rest of his delegation, was unaccustomed to space flight. To ease their voyage, they arrived on the ship in a self-induced catatonic state. Because the Antedians awake from stasis with a voracious appetite, their food supply, a huge barrel teeming with a fish-like substance called vermicula, was beamed aboard the ship with them.

Lwaxana Troi, who was aboard the Enterprise-D during the Antedians' three-day journey, used her telepathy to determine that the Antedians were masquerading as delegates. They were, in fact, assassins who intended to blow up the conference site, using ultritium hidden in the lining of their ceremonial robes. After a detailed scan verified Lwaxana's allegations, Captain Jean-Luc Picard ordered that the Antedians should be disarmed and held for questioning. (TNG: "Manhunt")

The Antedian dignitary was played by musician Mick Fleetwood in a cameo role. As a long-time Star Trek fan, he was thrilled to appear as the alien. He did not so much enjoy having to shave off his beard – which he did on the condition that the script include a scene showing his character be transported aboard the Enterprise – or eating gunk-like food that was made to represent the vermicula. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 152, pp. 60 & 61)
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