List of unnamed Aquans.

Guards Edit

Ruling Tribunal of the Aquans

Four guards surrounding Spock and Kirk

These four guards were used a mesh (net) to capture Kirk and Spock outside of the Aqua-City, before bringing them into the chamber to face the Ruling Tribunal of the Aquans. The lead guard presented the Kirk and Spock, stating to Domar, "These are the spies, Tribune! Air-breathers." (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

Aquan guard 1
The lead guard was voiced by an unknown actor.

Harvesters Edit

Aquan harvesters

Aquan harvesters leaving

These harvesters were collecting edibles when they were encountered by James T. Kirk and Spock.

The both Aquan males told Kirk and Spock to "go away", with the first also stating to them that "you're not wanted here." Kirk pleaded that they were friends and would not harm them, however, a female Aquan told them again to "Leave us. It is enough our young saved your lives once. If you go on, nothing will save you again." Confused by the statement, Spock speculated that his and Kirk's lives being save once already was something the group did not approve of.

Spock further noted, follow his observation of the Aquans departure into a large trench, that "the instinctive reaction of all frightened creatures is to retreat to a place of safety," allowing Kirk and Spock to follow them and discover the Aqua-City. (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

One of the background voices from the group of harvesters was provided by Lou Scheimer.

Tribunals Edit

Ruling Tribunal of the Aquans

The mid-level Tribunals face Spock and Kirk

These Tribunals sat, in addition to the Junior Tribunes and High Tribunes, on the Ruling Tribunal of the Aquans.

In 2269, they were present during the debate on what to do with James T. Kirk and Spock, two transformed to water-breathers they believed to be air-breather spies from the surface of Argo. (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

Young females Edit

These young females were harvesting edibles near the surface when they spotted a Federation scouter-gig pass overhead.

Following the observation they warned the Ruling Tribunal of the Aquans that the air-breathers had invaded the sea foliage, casting doubt on whether or not Kirk and Spock were telling the truth. (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

These Aquans were described in the first draft of the script as "Two Young Female Aquans" and described seeing "four Agranoids descending toward the Aqua Forest." Individually they were described as "Female One" and "Female Two", and were both voiced by Majel Barrett, where "Female One" differing vocally from "Female Two" by having an oddly Eastern European-type accent.
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