The following is a list of unnamed Arkarians.

Waiter Edit

Arkarian waiter

An Arkarian waiter

The Arkarian waiter was an accomplice of Orton. He assisted Orton in a plot to steal trilithium from the USS Enterprise-D while it was being cleared of baryon particles at the Remmler Array. He posed as a waiter and had a phaser rifle hidden under a banquet table. He and Orton held most of the senior officers captive on the Arkaria Base, while his associates boarded the Enterprise-D. During the takeover he shot and killed Commander Calvin Hutchinson and Geordi La Forge was wounded. The captured officers used a hypersonic pulse from La Forge's VISOR which rendered the waiter and everyone else unconscious except Data. (TNG: "Starship Mine")

The Arkarian waiter was played by actor Arlee Reed.
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