List of unnamed Cardassian starships.

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Skirmish with the USS StargazerEdit

This Cardassian warship was approached by the USS Stargazer with its shields down. The Federation ship was on a mission of making prelimary overtures to a truce between the Federation and Cardassian governments. The Cardassians responded by firing on the Stargazer, resulting in the destruction of most of the ship's weapons and damaging its impulse engines. The Stargazer retreated at warp speed, with the warship pursuing. (TNG: "The Wounded")

Skirmish with the USS PhoenixEdit

This Cardassian warship intercepted and engaged the renegade Federation Starship the USS Phoenix under the command of Benjamin Maxwell, who was attempting to destroy a Cardassian supply ship. During the skirmish, the Cardassian ship scored a direct hit on the USS Phoenix but the Federation ship took evasive maneuvers and quickly destroyed the Cardassian warship. Shortly after the USS Phoenix destroyed the supply ship. Gul Macet sadly explained to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D that the warship carried a crew of 600 and the supply ship had a crew of fifty. (TNG: "The Wounded")