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The following is a list of unnamed Class 2 shuttles.

With a total loss of at least seven Class 2 shuttles, combined with the fact that no more than three Class 2 shuttles have ever been seen together at one time, Voyager presumably had no less than ten of these shuttles, indicating that many of the shuttles listed below are repeat appearances.

Voyager shuttles Edit

Shuttles in shuttlebay Edit

Class 2 shuttles in Intrepid class hangar

Two shuttles in Voyager's hangar

In an alternate 2371, these two shuttles were docked in the shuttlebay when one was boarded by Kes from a future timeline posing as her present timeline self.

Meanwhile, as Voyager prepared to cross into a region containing numerous subspace vacuoles, it was suggested that Tom Paris fly ahead to make more accurate scans of the region in order to provide Voyager with the necessary information to fly through on autopilot.

Upon entering the shuttlebay to prepare a shuttle for said scouting mission, Paris found Kes aboard one of the shuttles reviewing a course change to return her to her homeworld, Ocampa. She explained to Paris that she was simply "studying the helm configurations," where after Paris offered to teach her, by perhaps starting her off in the holodeck, on an old Class 1 shuttle, like he grew up with.

After Kes left the shuttle, Paris began to prepare it for his intended scouting mission. (VOY: "Fury")

This appearance retroactively included the Class 2 shuttle into the VOY Season 1 roster, as they had not been put into use until the middle of VOY Season 2.

Janeway and Paris' shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle exiting Voyager's shuttlebay

Shuttle departing shuttlebay

The warp coils of this shuttle were modified to allow it to produce a dielectric field in 2372. It was then piloted by Paris and Captain Janeway during their attempt to rescue Tuvok, after his Type 6 shuttlecraft had crash landed on a Drayan moon.

En route to the planet's surface, they were overtaken by a Drayan shuttle sent to intercept Tuvok's shuttle, which had attempted to launch from the surface, forcing him to land. Janeway and Paris followed and eventually returned to Voyager upon resolving the situation. (VOY: "Innocence")

Janeway and Chakotay's shuttlecraft Edit

This shuttle was among the technological provisions – which included a modular shelter, weapons, tricorders, a replicator, and PADDs – that were left for Janeway and Chakotay when they were temporarily settled on "New Earth" in 2372 with an incurable disease.

After reminding Voyager's crew than Janeway was "an able scientist", Tuvok attempted to assure them that if she were "able to effect a cure" for the disease they had acquired, that they had "a Type 9 shuttlecraft at their disposal if it becomes possible for them to leave the planet." Paris, however, scoffed at the notion, stating that a "Type 9 shuttlecraft has a top speed of warp 4. It won't take them more than, oh, about seven hundred years to get home." (VOY: "Resolutions")

This shuttlecraft was only mentioned in dialogue.

Paris' shuttle Edit

This shuttle was piloted by Paris in a last ditch effort to seek out the Talaxians for assistance.

Paris launched during Kazon ambush on Voyager in late 2372, when it barely escaped an attack by a Predator-class carrier vessel. It was initially believed that the shuttle was destroyed before Voyager was captured by the Kazon. (VOY: "Basics, Part I")

A short time later, the shuttle came under attack by a Kazon patrol ship, which was promptly destroyed, as Paris made repairs. Paris later communicated with Talaxian Commander Paxim and sent a message to The Doctor aboard Voyager from the shuttle, to coordinate the recapture of Voyager from the Kazon. (VOY: "Basics, Part II")

This shuttle was simply identified as "Tom's shuttle" in the episode's dialogue.

Paris and Torres' shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle near Swarm space

Flying near Swarm space

This shuttle was piloted by Paris and B'Elanna Torres to investigate some intermittent sensor readings Voyager had detected.

After five hours of searching, the shuttle inadvertently crossed a tachyon field into territory claimed by the Swarm species, and the shuttle was promptly locked onto by a Swarm species vessel, before being boarded. (VOY: "The Swarm")

Chakotay and Torres' shuttle to Earth Edit

This shuttle was piloted by Chakotay and B'Elanna Torres after Voyager had time traveled back to 20th century Earth. It was modified to produce interferometric dispersion to avoid detection from RADAR, and the shields were configured disguise the shuttle's visual profile, allowing it to appear as a small 20th century aircraft.

It was used in an locate and capture Henry Starling after Voyager's long range transporters were nonoperational. Upon transporting Starling, he was able to interfere with the shuttle's transporter beam with a futuristic tricorder, and overloaded the pattern buffer. After Voyager was able to extract Starling from the shuttle, the shuttle lost all propulsion and crashed in Arizona. A contemporary Human, named Butch, described the craft as a new secret stealth plane; Rain Robinson called it a "spaceship".

During a standoff between the shuttle's captors and the FBI, who were also interested in the aircraft and its occupant, the shuttle was recovered by The Doctor and Tuvok. Tuvok began repairs, and Torres finished after she was released, before they arriving to assist Tom Paris and Robinson in stopping the semi truck driven by Dunbar, which was believed to be carrying the timeship Aeon. (VOY: "Future's End, Part II")

Chakotay and Kaplan's shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle in Nekrit Expanse

Chakotay and Kaplan's shuttle

This shuttle was piloted by Chakotay and Ensign Marie Kaplan as they conducted a scouting mission in effort to find a quicker route through the Nekrit Expanse.

After responding to a distress call on a nearby planet, they landed the shuttle, only to come under attack by a hostile faction of raiders, who killed Kaplan, severely injured Chakotay, and then cannibalized the shuttle. (VOY: "Unity")

Chakotay and Torres' shuttle in the Nekrit Expanse Edit

Class 2 shuttle approaches Borg cube

Shuttle approaching Borg cube

This shuttle was piloted by Torres and Chakotay as they supplied the Borg Cooperative with supplies. Their relief effort was also accompanied by a second shuttle piloted by Neelix.

En route to Voyager, the Cooperative's bunker came under attack, and through a mind link with Chakotay, they forced him to stun Torres and instructed him to fly the shuttle to a nearby disabled Borg cube. (VOY: "Unity")

Kim, Jetal, and The Doctor's shuttle Edit

Jetal and Kim piloting a shuttle

Jetal and Kim piloting a shuttle

This shuttle was piloted by Ahni Jetal, while transporting Harry Kim and The Doctor on a survey mission. The shuttle came under attack by an unidentified vessel, and was boarded by an alien intruder. Their face-to-face attack resulted in the death of Ensign Jetal, and damage to The Doctor's program. The ship was returned to Voyager on autopilot, activated by The Doctor, after he beamed the intruder back to his ship. (VOY: "Latent Image")

Kes' shuttle Edit

Kes' Class 2 shuttle

Kes becoming non-corporeal

This shuttle was prepared for Kes' departure from Voyager. (VOY: "The Gift")

Torres and The Doctor's shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle and Serosian vessel

Responding to a Serosian vessel's distress call

This shuttle was piloted by Torres and The Doctor to respond to a distress call from a Serosian vessel.

During the mission, the psychopathic isomorph Dejaren, who had sent the call after murdering his crew and later attempted to murder Torres, disabled their com link to the shuttle and their ability to access the shuttle transporters. (VOY: "Revulsion")

Paris and Kes' shuttle Edit

USS Voyager defends itself as shuttle approaches

Shuttle approaches Voyager

This shuttle was piloted on a supply mission by Paris, in an alternate 2374, when Kes gave birth to Linnis Paris during the return trip to Voyager. (VOY: "Before and After")

Type 8 shuttlecraft interior, 2374

Type 8 interior in Class 2 shuttle

Despite the studio model appearing visually as a Class 2 shuttle, the interior was a reuse of the Type 8 shuttlecraft interior, complete with MSD's of the latter type.

Steth and Seven's shuttle Edit

Shuttle going to coaxial warp

Shuttle engaging coaxial warp drive

This shuttle was modified with coaxial warp drive by Steth (a DNA thief appearing as Tom Paris) and Seven of Nine, as a preliminary attempt to implement that form of technology on Voyager.

It was later stolen by Steth (now appearing as Kathryn Janeway), who took Seven along as a hostage. As the shuttle attempted to escape Voyager, the real Paris (appearing as the original Steth) aboard Steth's ship attempted to pursue. Steth/Janeway fired on Paris/Steth and was able to out maneuver his former ship, before knocking outs its shields.

As Steth/Janeway attempted to enter coaxial space, Paris/Steth was able to target the drive's polaric modulator with a chromoelectric pulse, disrupting the engines and allowing for his capture. (VOY: "Vis à Vis")

Paris, Torres, Seven, and The Doctor's shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle caught in gravimetric shearline of proto-nebula

Caught in a proto-nebula's gravimetric shearline

This shuttle was flown by Paris, Torres, Seven and The Doctor for an astronomical survey to investigate the creation of a proto-nebula.

After the shuttle got caught in the gravimetric shearline of the nebula, its engines went down, and the passengers were beamed back to Voyager. (VOY: "Drone")

Brenari loaned shuttles Edit

Class 2 shuttles enter wormhole

Two shuttles entering a wormhole

These two shuttles were modified with refractive shielding and were used to allow the escape of a dozen Brenari from the Devore through a wormhole. (VOY: "Counterpoint")

Borg bait shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle on Borg viewer

Shuttle on Borg viewer

This shuttle was used as bait to lure in a Borg sphere into lower its shields and thereby inadvertently allowed a Voyager away team to beam aboard and steal one of the Sphere's transwarp coil.

Class 2 shuttle, remote navigation vector

Display of shuttle being remotely piloted towards a Borg vessel

Remotely piloted, the shuttlecraft was designed to give false bioreadings for three lifeforms. Though initially detected by the sphere, the shuttle was ignored, until the energy output of shuttle's warp profile was increased, allowing it to pique the Collective's attention. Once a warp signature was detected as originating from relevant technology, the Sphere engaged its tractor pulse and lowered its shields to bring the shuttle in to a docking port along its central radius. With the shields down, the Voyager away team was able to beam in and steal the transwarp coil, but the shuttle, however, was assimilated. (VOY: "Dark Frontier")

Kim's shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle approaching Class 3 nebula

Shuttle approaching nebula

This shuttle was piloted by Kim as he repaired a hull fracture. He and the shuttle were due to return to Voyager as 19:00, but he finished early.

Following the completion of his repairs, he beamed Derran Tal aboard from the Varro generational ship she lived aboard, and took her to a unnamed Class 3 nebula located 300,000 kilometers away that she had been watching on sensors from the Varro ship.

Shortly after arriving at the nebula, the shuttle was tracked down by Tuvok aboard the Delta Flyer and ordered to return to Voyager. (VOY: "The Disease")

Torres' shuttle Edit

This shuttle was piloted by Torres, who was attempting to retrieve Voyager's only multi-spatial probe after it was lost in an ion storm. The shuttle was subsequently damaged by the storm and had lost life support and was found adrift on the storm's trailing edge. The shuttle was tractored back to Voyager, where Torres was found in a coma, during which she had a near-death experience, where she experienced a completely different arrival back to Voyager aboard her shuttle. (VOY: "Barge of the Dead")

Class 2 shuttle entering shuttlebay

Illusory version of her shuttle

This specific shuttle was only mentioned in dialogue. Only the illusory version of the same shuttle was what appeared in the episode's teaser.

Tuvok and Seven's shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle profile

Shuttle traveling through space

This shuttle was piloted by Tuvok and Seven of Nine for an away mission to a micro-nebula, located approximately 1.6 light years from Norcadia, that was on the verge of collapsing during Voyager's shore leave at the planet in 2376.

Over two and a half hours into their journey their shuttle was intercepted by an unknown vessel. The vessel emitted a type of dampening field, causing the shuttle to lose its engines, weapons, shields, and transporters before the aggressors beamed in an explosive device, disabling the two occupants, before they were taken aboard the aggressor's vessel. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")

Repair shuttles Edit

USS Voyager undergoing maintenance overhaul

Three shuttles assisting in repairs

These shuttles assisted in locating supplies for Voyager's much needed maintenance overhaul. They later assisted in the replacement of Voyager's warp coils. (VOY: "Nightingale")

Shuttle in shuttlebay Edit

Class 2 shuttle surrounded by Klingons

Surrounded by dozens of Klingons

This shuttle and the Delta Flyer were both docked in the shuttlebay when Voyager transported aboard two hundred Klingons from Kohlar's battle cruiser. (VOY: "Prophecy")

Chakotay and Seven's shuttle Edit

This shuttle was piloted by Chakotay and Seven to attend a conference about warp field dynamics on Ledos in 2378. En route, Chakotay took the shuttle on a diversionary trip over a jungle region on the southern subcontinent on the planet.

Unbeknownst to them, however, the region was protected by an artificial energy barrier, which was undetected by the shuttle's sensors, due to in part of its unusual tetrion signature. When the shuttle skimmed the barrier it emitted a power surge that reacted with the shuttle's shields, causing unexpected of feedback. As a result, the shuttle lost its impulse engines, its warp core went offline, and it experienced a sudden loss of structural integrity; they still had transporters.

Improvising, they transferred auxiliary power to the weapons array, and Seven realigned the shuttle's phasers to the same frequency as the shield. They managed to open a rift through the shield, allowing the shuttle through – losing a nacelle in the process, and leaving a wing atop the shield – before beaming to planet's surface. Debris from the shuttle was littered over an area of several square kilometers. Hoping to find surviving components that might allow them to construct a beacon, they set out looking for salvagable debris.

After collecting several useful components, Seven determined that if she could attach them to the shuttle's surviving deflector dish. Unfortunately the dish was over six kilometers away. (VOY: "Natural Law")

Tuvok and Paris' shuttle Edit

Class 2 shuttle returns to Voyager in 2378

Shuttle returning to shuttlebay

This shuttle was piloted by Tuvok and Paris to retrieve Voyager's stolen warp core held aboard a Hierarchy vessel.

Upon locating the vessel, the were able to free the Delta Flyer and coordinate an attack that, following a series of events, allowed the recapture of Voyager's warp core. (VOY: "Renaissance Man")

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