Alternate Reality
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List of unnamed Federation starships of the Constitution-class.

Space dock manifest display

In 2259, a space dock manifest display graphic in the office of Admiral Christopher Pike included two Constitution-class icons identified as AF and VH-5. The AF was docked at Starbase 1. (Star Trek Into Darkness, production art)

The graphic with AF and VH-5 was illegible when it appeared on screen. AF was a scaled down graphic of the Constitution-class. The graphic did not specify if these were both just id codes for the USS Enterprise or if there were two other Constitution-class ships docked at the station. The graphic was originally created for the office of Admiral Alexander Marcus. [1]

Yorktown space lane ship

A Constitution-class vessel

This Constitution-class starship was in the same Yorktown space lane as the spacedock where the USS Enterprise-A was constructed in the 2260s. (Star Trek Beyond)

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