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The following are unnamed Delta Quadrant star systems.

Allos' system

Voyager pursued through the system

An area of open space within the system

This star system contained at least two planets. The outermost planet was the homeworld of a pre-warp species. Further in was a planet with an M-class moon. The latter contained a research station on which a scientist from the species researched the Omega molecule. In 2374, a major disaster occurred at this facility.

Also in the system was an area of open space with no indications of life or any kind of technology. (VOY: "The Omega Directive")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 89), the primary of this star system, identified as "Omega", was a K-class star. The book's key identified the system as a location where a battle had taken place.

Akritiri system

The homeworld of the Akritirians, Akritiri, was located in this system. There were no sources of trilithium in this system. (VOY: "The Chute")

Arturis's home

The Dauntless and Borg in the system

This system, which contained the homeworld of Species 116, was annexed by the Borg Collective in 2374, with hundreds of Borg cubes surrounding the system and assimilating most of its population.

Later that year, Arturis attempted to trick USS Voyager's crew into resettling onto his ship, disguised as the "USS Dauntless", so he could bring them to this system, inside Borg space. His plan failed, and ultimately he ended up on the ship when it entered his home system, without anyone else aboard. He and the vessel were presumably assimilated. (VOY: "Hope and Fear")

Banea system

The homeworld of the Banea, Banea, was located in this system. In 2371, this system was patrolled by Numiri patrol vessels which were known for intercepting ships entering the system. The Numiri government considered it an act of war against them if a ship transported aid and supplies to Banea. The Numiri regarded the system as a war zone. That same year, Voyager was intercepted by a patrol ship in this system. The Voyager was permitted to enter the system after convincing the captain that their purpose in the system was to retrieve one of their crewmembers from Banea. While in the system, the Numiri monitored the activities of the Voyager. This system was located "seventy thousand light years, give or take a few" from the Federation. (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 83), this was a binary star system with a pair of F-class stars. The Voyager visited this system on stardate 48600.

Binary system

In 2373, one of Voyager's shuttles crashed on the second planet out of at least five of a binary system. It was considered by the Voyager crew to be outside Vidiian space. (VOY: "Coda")

Briori colony system

This system contained an L class planet colonized by the Briori using Human slaves. By the 24th century, the Humans had overthrown their abductors and set up a civilization of their own. (VOY: "The 37's")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 83), the primary of this system was a G-class star. This system was visited by Voyager on stardate 48975.

Delta Flyer crash site

This star system was where, in 2375, the Delta Flyer crash-landed on an M-class planetoid. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 88), this system was named FGC-521443. The system's primary was a M-class star. Voyager visited this system on stardate 52144.

Drayan system

This system contained Drayan II and its several moons. In 2272, heavy solar flare activity caused electrodynamic disturbances throughout the system. (VOY: "Innocence")

G-type star system

This G-type star system near a large plasma drift contained two inhabited planets on which Voyager detected Vidiian lifesigns. It was in an area with heavy Vidiian activity, as heavy subspace communications and at least twenty of their ships were also detected in its general area. (VOY: "Deadlock")

This star system was only mentioned in dialogue.

Garenor homeworld system

This system contained a star orbited by the Garenor homeworld, until the Garenor species was erased from history by the Krenim weapon ship in 2274. During this action, Annorax monitored the temporal wavefront as it passed through the system changing it. This system was located in Grid 005 of the Borg spatial designations. (VOY: "Year of Hell")

According to Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 89), the Garenor system was a binary system with a pair of M-class stars. The Voyager visited this system on stardate 51212.

New Earth system

This Delta Quadrant system contained seven planets orbiting a yellow dwarf, the third planet named New Earth after Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay were briefly forced to settle on it in 2372. The system as well as the threat on the third planet were known to the Vidiians. (VOY: "Resolutions")

Next system

In 2374, Neelix requested Arturis be aboard USS Voyager in order to repay his helpfulness by giving him passage to the next system. Arturis was granted permission and came aboard, but things did not go as planned. (VOY: "Hope and Fear")

Nygean homeworld's system

In 2377, Voyager picked up the passengers of a distressed Nygean prison ship which was heading back to the system containing their homeworld, thirteen light years away. (VOY: "Repentance")

Mislen system

The inhabited planet Mislen was located in a yellow dwarf system less then five parsecs from the space occupied by the Swarm species. (VOY: "The Swarm")

Moon creature system

A Mikhal Traveler claimed to have visited a system which appeared to have at least twenty-one moons, and have discovered that one of the moons was actually a creature, a living being so massive it generated it's own gravitational field and so immense it supported it's own ecosystem. Another traveler, who had visited the system in 2373, expressed skepticism, as his sensors had not picked up anything like that.

The asteroids in the system were rich in vorilium, and the crew of Voyager considered visiting it in a short detour. (VOY: "Darkling")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 87), the system was named FGC-506830. It was a trinary system with three F-class stars.

Dream species' system

According to a member of the Dream Aliens, this system contained six planets and marked the boundary of their territory. It was located at coordinates 139 mark 42, but the Voyager crew fell asleep as Chakotay talked with the alien. (VOY: "Waking Moments")

This star system was only mentioned in dialogue.
Due to the nature of the dream species, it was never revealed if this system actually existed or was an illusion.

Qomar system

This system harbored the Qomar homeworld and civilization. It was said to be "closed" to other species, but Voyager was exceptionally allowed to visit it in 2376. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

Rakosa system

A map of the star system

This star system was inhabited and consisted of a single primary and six planets. The fifth planet – Rakosa V – was the homeworld of the Rakosans. (VOY: "Dreadnought")

According to Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 84), the primary of this system was a K-class star. Voyager was in this system on stardate 49447.

Raven crash site

This star system, located in B'omar space in the Delta Quadrant, consisted of at least five planets and its primary, a yellow dwarf. In 2356, the USS Raven crash landed on the moon of the fifth planet. (VOY: "The Raven")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 88), this system was named FGC-7861340.

Red dwarf system

This star system, orbiting a red dwarf, was scanned by the USS Voyager in 2371. It contained an M class planet, Makull's homeworld. (VOY: "Time and Again")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 82), this system was named Markov-Kalto. The Voyager traveled past this system on stardate 48490.

Sakari-colonized system

This system in the Nekrit Expanse contained a planet on which gallicite could be found. Upon exploring it in 2373, USS Voyager initially determined the entire system to be uninhabited, although the ship detected an abandoned colony on the gallicite planet. This finding proved to be false; surviving members of the Sakari, the species behind the colony were still present, but hid their presence due to a brief but traumatic experience with mysterious invaders. (VOY: "Blood Fever")

Sikaris system

This system contained Sikaris, homeworld of the Sikarians. It had a single sun, around which Sikaris revolved at a distance of almost forty thousand light years divided by two and a half billion. (VOY: "Prime Factors")

Sobras system

The planet Sobras, which contained a Kazon-Pommar settlement, was part of a system in which the Takrit were known to operate. (VOY: "Alliances")

Species 10026 system

A graphic of Species 10026's star system

This system, located in Grid 532, contained the Species 10026 homeworld and at least three other planets.

The system was conquered by the Borg in 2375, and all but four of its 392,000 inhabitants were assimilated. (VOY: "Dark Frontier")

System allegedly surveyed by the Seros vessel

A class 2 shuttle in the system

According to Dejaren, his crew died from a virus they contracted from a planet in this system. This account was later shown to be false. (VOY: "Revulsion")

Systems aware of Neelix' feragoit goulash

According to Neelix, his feragoit goulash was known across twelve star systems. (VOY: "Parallax")

Systems visited by Hirogen starships

Map of the area in which the Hirogen had been traveling

A Hirogen ship of which Voyager downloaded the navigational records in 2374 was found to have ninety star systems in the last year. (VOY: "Prey")

System with Kazon-Ogla moon

In 2372, Voyager visited a system containing the moon Tarok and its primary, while searching for Chakotay. (VOY: "Initiations")

System with multiple colonies

Inhabitant of the system

A colony in this system was home to one of Tau's clients. His neighbors in the other colonies, also known to Tau, were described as "a violent sort" by Tau and were apparently a threat to the former colony. (VOY: "Concerning Flight")

System visited by Tom Paris and Kathryn Janeway

This uninhabited star system was where the ill-fated transwarp shuttle Cochrane ended up after Tom Paris kidnapped his captain, Kathryn Janeway. It contained at least four planets, the fourth having jungles. (VOY: "Threshold")

Takarian homeworld system

This inhabited star system was where the Takarian homeworld could be found. In 2373, the Voyager detected evidence of the Barzan wormhole in this system. (VOY: "False Profits")

Trinary system

Voyager passed near a system with a trinary star in 2373, and decided to mark the coordinates as it would be a good reference point for the sector. Harry Kim felt a sense of déjà vu at seeing the star, wondering if they had passed it already. (VOY: "Favorite Son")