This is a list of unnamed Devore.

Soldier 1 Edit

Devore soldier transporter room

An unnamed Devore finds nothing in the transporter

An unnamed Devore soldier was on a team of three that scanned the transporter room on the USS Voyager that held the Brenari patterns, manned by Harry Kim and Susan Nicoletti on the Devore's second inspection. He immediately went to the panel that was under the transporter pad, but after scanning it, shook his head as he didn't detect anything.

During Voyager's third inspection, he stood guard while another soldier scanned a line of Voyager crewmen in the mess hall. (VOY: "Counterpoint")

Played by an unknown actor.

Soldier 2 Edit

Devore soldier messhall

An unnamed Devore scans Neelix

An unnamed Devore solder scanned a line of Voyager's officers in the mess hall one-by-one during its second inspection, taking special note to scan Neelix, and give him a glare of disgust. Like the others, he found no sign of telepaths.

During Voyager's third and final inspection, he was seen walking through the halls of Voyager with an armed patrol towards Main Engineering. There, he stood guard behind B'Elanna Torres while the teams scanned the warp core and other systems. When the Devore took control of the ship, he took Seven of Nine's station behind the captain's chair. (VOY: "Counterpoint")

Played by an unknown actor.

Soldier 3 Edit

Devore soldier corridor

A Devore soldier

This Devore soldier was on a detail that marched through Voyager's corridors to scan the inside of a panel near the floor during Voyager's second inspection. Later he was on the guard watching over Voyager's engineering staff.

During Voyager's third inspection, he followed a group to inspect their engine room. Later, when nothing was found, he joined Prax in the captain's ready room where Kashyk and Janeway were talking. When Prax left, he and another soldier remained to keep guard over Captain Janeway, and escorted her to the bridge after the Devore took control of the ship. He then stood guard at Lieutenant Ayala's post at the master systems display. (VOY: "Counterpoint")

This Devore was played by background performer Mark Rogerson, who received no credit for his appearance.

Soldier 4 Edit

Devore soldier sickbay

An unnamed Devore scans The Doctor's experiment

An unnamed blonde Devore soldier was on the inspection team during Voyager's second inspection. When a partner of his scanned a Jefferies tube, he aimed his rifle inside looking for hiding telepaths. Later, he was inspecting sickbay, including a series of The Doctor's rare cell cultures. The Doctor warned him to be careful, so the soldier purposefully dropped and broke it.

During the third inspection, he guarded Kashyk from Janeway in her ready room alone. Later he scanned a lined up crew in the mess hall one-by-one. Then he and another soldier entered the ready room with Prax, and then escorted Janeway to the bridge after the Devore had taken over the ship. He then stood guard at the "Mission Ops I" post at the back of the bridge. (VOY: "Counterpoint")

Played by an unknown actor.

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