A list of unnamed Dramens.


Demos' subordinate

This guard stood watch over McCoy's holding cell in 2270.

Overhearing Kirk's plan to help free McCoy, he informed McCoy not to rely too much on Kirk's hopes, because Dramen justice moved quicker than the time he believed Kirk had to solve the mystery.

He later reported Kirk's plan to investigate Dramia II on McCoy's behalf to Demos, who then ordered the guard to prepare a patrol ship.

Following the return of the USS Enterprise from Dramia II, Spock beamed down to the Hall of Justice, incapacitated the guard with a Vulcan nerve pinch. Spock then effectively released McCoy from his confinement so to allow the doctor to return to the ship to find the cure to the Dramia II plague. (TAS: "Albatross")

The voice of the guard was provided by Lou Scheimer. He was described in the script as a "typical sentry".

Individuals in front of the Hall of Justice

People in front of the Hall of Justice

These individuals could be seen loitering in front of the Hall of Justice on Dramia. (TAS: "Albatross")


A Dramia II mourner

This mourner was off-world when the Dramia II plague decimated the planet Dramia II. When he returned, he found that all of his family and friends had died. Senseless in his grief, he remained on Dramia II where he lived in desolation as a cave dweller.

In 2270, he observed a landing party consisting of Spock, Kirk and Demos arrive on the planet's surface. Fearful of outsiders, the mourner ran to his cave for protection. When followed by the landing party, and his cave discovered, he jump from an upper ledge and attacked Kirk, before being wrestled off by Spock. (TAS: "Albatross")

According to the script, this individual was described as a "Phantom-Like Figure," before finally revealing that "He is Dramen, in appearance; but, he is ragged, haunted."


Dramen representative

This representative was present when Demos presented the warrant for the arrest of Leonard McCoy in 2270.

He was later at the ceremony honoring McCoy for curing the Dramia II plague. (TAS: "Albatross")

This background character not specified in the script, but rather as being among "the assemblage of Dramen leaders."

Supreme Prefect

The Supreme Prefect in 2270

The Supreme Prefect was a high-ranking official on Dramia in 2270. His office was in the Hall of Justice, and he had an agent named Commander Demos. (TAS: "Albatross")

The Supreme Prefect was voiced by James Doohan. He was likened in the script to "The Dalai Lama."
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