The following is a list of unnamed Efrosians.

Federation President

The Federation President in 2293

In 2293, this male served as the Federation President who opened negotiations with Klingon chancellor Gorkon, following the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis. The President was to meet Gorkon on Earth for a peace conference, but Gorkon was assassinated en route by a pair of rogue Starfleet non-commissioned officers. USS Enterprise-A captain James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy were arrested by the Klingons under the rules of interstellar law and charged with Gorkon's assassination; when the Klingon Ambassador defended his government's actions and demanded that Kirk and McCoy stand trial, he conceded, "This president is not above the law."

A short time later, Starfleet Colonel West proposed a military offensive (code-named Operation Retrieve) aimed at rescuing the "hostages", Kirk and McCoy. Although West was confident that the prisoners could be retrieved, the President rejected his plan because of the probability that such an act would cause a full-scale war.

At the Khitomer Conference, the President was targeted for assassination by the Starfleet and Klingon conspirators, but the plot was foiled by the crew of the Enterprise with assistance by the crew of the USS Excelsior. Colonel West, the trigger man, was killed in the attempt and others involved were arrested. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Background information

This unnamed president was played by actor Kurtwood Smith. He was invited to play the role by Nicholas Meyer and Steven-Charles Jaffe, later remembering, "[They] said, 'Come in for a few days and have some fun.' I said, 'Sure' [....] It wasn't really an acting role. I had to achieve a quick sense of presence and then be shot at. I also had that scene in the office with all the boys [....] I was pleased to be a part of it." (The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine issue 18, p. 33)

This President was supposed to be blind, thus prompting his need for the special type of glasses he used during the rescue operation presentation in Star Trek VI. This fact was stated by Mike & Denise Okuda in the text commentary of the Star Trek VI DVD.

His makeup and facial hair was applied by makeup artist Margaret Prentice. [1]

This individual was named Ra-ghoratreii (β) in the novel Articles of the Federation by Keith R.A. DeCandido and in the novelization of Star Trek VI. The latter publication claims he's Deltan, versus Efrosian, though no reason is given for this. The Flashback novelization says that this president went down in history as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. Decipher's Aliens sourcebook gives his name as "Eteon tar-Chereos" and describes him as an Atreonid from Atreos IV.

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