List of unnamed Eminians.

Purple Diplomatic Escort

Purple Diplomatic Escort

A diplomatic escort, wearing a purple sash and hat

This diplomatic escort was assigned to accompany Mea 3, an attaché to the Eminian High Council, when she was sent to meet an away team from the starship Enterprise. Before arriving at the rendezvous location, he was instructed that the Starfleet officers were to be treated in a manner that was correct but nothing more. After accompanying Mea 3 to a position near the rendezvous point, he was told by her exactly where the officers would materialize and was reminded of his instructions about the way they were to be treated. He subsequently stayed with Mea 3 as she met with the away team and led them to the Eminian High Council room, where he proceeded to assist in guarding the exit door while the away team met with Anan 7.

Red Diplomatic Escort

Red Diplomatic Escort

Another diplomatic escort, wearing a red sash and hat

This diplomatic escort was also assigned to accompany Mea 3 when she was sent to meet the Enterprise away team and received the same instructions as the diplomatic escort who was dressed in purple.

Woman in Green Dress

File:Woman in Green Dress.jpg

This blonde woman dressed in green could be seen walking out of a corridor that Mea 3 and her guards used, shortly before they greeted the Enterprise away team, and later appeared outside Disintegration Station 12, moments before it was destroyed.

Eminiar Guard 1

The Eminiar Guard #1 was part of a force of soldiers that enforced the agreement between Eminiar and Vendikar that used computers to project causalities, designating civilians on each side to be exterminated.

The Unnamed Eminiar Guard was played by Eddie Paskey.

Eminiar Guard 2

The Eminiar Guard #2 was assigned by the Division of Control, which was the seat of the Eminian Union, to man extermination units. These units were used to disintegrate citizens who were designated as killed in the computer simulation of the war between Eminiar and Vendikar.

The Unnamed Eminiar Guard was played by William Blackburn.

Eminiar Guard 3

Eminiar Guard 3

As Eminiar Guard

The Eminiar Guard #3 was part of the personnel that manned a disintegration station to vaporize Eminiar citizens who had been designed as killed in the war with Vendikar, which was fought with computer simulations.

Eminiar Guard 4

Eminiar Guard 4

An Eminian guard.

The Eminiar Guard #4 escorted the Eminians who had been designated as casualties in their war with Vendikar, which was fought with computer simulation, to a disintegration station so their deaths could be recorded.

The Unnamed Eminiar Guard was played by Frank da Vinci.

Eminiar Guard #5

The Eminiar Guard #5 was ordered to take Ambassador Fox, and James T. Kirk to a holding cell to await disintegration, as they had been designated as causalities in a war that was fought with computers.

The Unnamed Eminiar Guard was played by John Burnside.

Eminian High Council members

Eminian High Council

High Council of Eminiar VII in 2267

The Eminian High Council members were the governing body of the Eminian Union and the planet Eminiar VII at the time of James T. Kirk's visit in 2267. There were five members, who were led by Anan 7 who was the single High Councilor and spokesman. The Council's principal duties appeared to be prosecuting the centuries-long computerized war between Eminiar and its sister planet, Vendikar.

The four unnamed members were played by unknown actors.
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