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List of unnamed Evora.

Deep Space 9 visitors

These two visitors were aboard Deep Space 9 in 2375 following the closing of the Dominion War.

One played dabo in Quark's, while the second took a stroll on the Promenade. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

Delegation members

Evora delegation members surround Regent Cuzar

This delegation accompanyed Regent Cuzar for the reception on board the USS Enterprise-E in 2375, celebrating the acceptance of the Evora as a Federation protectorate. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

The six Evora pictured surrounding Regent Cuzar were played by background performers who received no credit for their appearance. Among them were Claudia La Grippe, Lee Poppie, and brothers Mario Muñoz, Mark Muñoz, and two unknown performers.
During the development of Star Trek: Insurrection, the Evora delegation was initially scripted to consist of eight Evora. As an attempt to help reduce the film's budget, though, Michael Piller thereafter suggested the delegation include only four members. (Fade In: From Idea to Final Draft, The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection)

Markonian outpost visitor

A female Evora

This female visited the USS Voyager from Markonian outpost in 2376. She was in engineering where she stood near the warp core conferring with another alien.

Later she was in the mess hall, and took notice of Lansor's suddenly spoken "enough" to P'Chan. She then transported aboard and emerged from the turbolift into another of the ship's corridors. (VOY: "Survival Instinct")

This Evora was played by an unknown actress.

Starbase 25 visitor

Evora on Starbase 25.jpg

Visitor to Starbase 25 in 2381. (LD: "An Embarrassment Of Dooplers")

Tulgana IV visitors

Two Evora

These two visitors were in the spaceport near "Little Qo'noS" on Tulgana IV in 2380, when the Yosemite landed there. (LD: "Envoys")

Unimatrix Zero member

An Evora

This individual was assimilated by the Borg and was a member of the underground movement Unimatrix Zero in 2377. He took part in several meetings regarding the safety of their place. (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero")

This Evora was played by an unknown performer.