The following is a list of unnamed Ferengi starships.

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Bok's son's vessel Edit

In 2355, a vessel commanded by the son of DaiMon Bok engaged the Federation starship USS Stargazer in an unprovoked attack later known as the Battle of Maxia.

While hiding within a deep lunar crater, the Ferengi starship engaged and scored two direct hits on the Stargazer, as it passed through the Maxia Zeta system. The ship was destroyed after the commander of the Stargazer, Jean-Luc Picard, devised a battle strategy that would later be known as the Picard Maneuver.

Knowing that the Ferengi starship's sensors were limited to light speed, Picard engaged his starship's warp drive for a brief second, momentarily making it appear to the Ferengi crew that the Stargazer was suddenly in two places at once.

With the crew of the Ferengi starship momentarily confused, the Stargazer opened fire with a full phaser and photon torpedo barrage, destroying the attacking ship. (TNG: "The Battle", "Bloodlines")

In the first draft script of "The Battle", this ship was called the "Koron".
Picard Manuever rendering

Star Trek Encyclopedia rendering of this vessel

Though this ship and its class were ultimately never specifically identified in either episode in which it was referenced, this ship was depicted in the
Star Trek Encyclopedia, as well as the Star Trek Omnipedia media simulation of "the Picard Maneuver" with a graphic of a D'Kora-class Marauder.
The novel The Buried Age gives the name of the ship as the "Seventy-Fifth Rule" (referring to the 75th Rule of Acquisition: "Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of latinum"), and classifies it as a Raider-class scout ship.

Cargo ship Edit

Ferengi cargo ship debris

Debris collected from the downed cargo ship

This cargo ship was commissioned with transporting contraband components, labelled "medical supplies," including the navigational deflector of the Vulcan starship T'Pau in 2368.

The cargo ship's destruction in the Hanolin asteroid belt led to the uncovering of a Romulan plot to invade Vulcan. (TNG: "Unification I")

This cargo ship was only mentioned in dialogue.

Freighter Edit

In late 2367, Kriosian rebels attacked a freighter near the Ikalian asteroid belt and the Klingon border. (TNG: "The Mind's Eye")

This freighter was only mentioned in dialogue.

Freighters Edit

In early 2369, two freighters were destroyed by a Cardassian warship in the Igo sector. According to Admiral Hayes, "Although I'm loathe to believe the Ferengi about anything, there was evidence of Cardassian weapons." (TNG: "Realm of Fear")

Quark's freighter Edit

Early in his life, Quark served on this freighter as the ship's cook for a period of about 8 years. (DS9: "Babel")

According to Quark, the ship's crew was not fond of his cooking – or at least considered themselves food critics – leading Quark to own a disruptor pistol. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

It was during Quark's time on the Ferengi freighter that the Great Monetary Collapse hit Ferenginar. (DS9: "Homefront")

Ship 1 Edit

In 2367, this ship was within communications range of the USS Enterprise-D. It had reported no unusual readings after Wesley Crusher had performed warp field experiments aboard the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Remember Me")

This ship was only mentioned in dialogue.

Ships Edit

Along with the Sepulo, these two ships all visited Deep Space 9 within an eighteen-hour period, something Benjamin Sisko found odd. Jadzia Dax suggested it might be Quark's birthday. Kira Nerys suggested they lock up the silverware (i.e. secure the station's valuable against theft. (DS9: "The Nagus")

Ship 2 Edit

In 2369, after the death of Doctor Reyga, a Ferengi scientist, this ship was scheduled to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise-D, whereupon they would pick up the body of Reyga and carry him home to his family. (TNG: "Suspicions")

This ship was only mentioned in dialogue.

Trading ship Edit

In late 2369, this trading ship entered sensor range of the New Berlin Colony, causing the colony to transmit a distress call believing the vessel was a rogue Borg ship that had been threatening the sector. (TNG: "Descent")

This Ferengi trading ship was only mentioned in dialogue.
See also: Ferengi trader.

Transport 1 Edit

In 2370, a Ferengi transport crossed the Demilitarized Zone carrying bio-mimetic gels, destined for Cardassian space. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

This transport was only mentioned in dialogue.

Transport 2 Edit

When Quark was tasked with returning to Ferenginar in 2371, he felt he would only be gone for a short time, and believed he was simply going there to "get my mother to confess to her crimes and I'll be on the next transport back to the station." (DS9: "Family Business")

This transport was only mentioned in dialogue.
According to a dialogue between Odo and Kira Nerys in the deleted scene 2 of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Defiant", Quark used a public terminal to falsify inventory records and cargo manifests on the last three Ferengi transport ships that docked at Deep Space 9. [1]

Transport ship Edit

In 2374, Ishka was captured by the Dominion while traveling aboard a transport ship, after being given dispensation to travel, by Grand Nagus Zek, from Ferenginar to Vulcan. (DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi")

This transport was only mentioned in dialogue.

Vessels Edit

Despite the threat of the Dominion, several of these vessels continued to operate in the Gamma Quadrant, in part, to conduct trade with the Karemma as intermediaries for the Federation.

According to Quark, as of 2372, he was "happy to say that not a single Ferengi vessel has been stopped by the Jem'Hadar." (DS9: "Starship Down")

These vessels were only mentioned in dialogue.
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