List of unnamed starships belonging to various species who originated from the Gamma Quadrant.

Civilian transport ship

This civilian transport ship was utilized by a Jem'Hadar strike team that launched an assault on Deep Space 9 in 2372.

After a series of events, leading to the theft of microfusion initiators, photonic amplifiers, and EPS power stabilizers, they were, according to Major Kira Nerys, "out of here and through the wormhole before we knew what hit us."

About forty-five minutes after the attack, the USS Defiant arrived at DS9; with the presumption that insufficient time had passed for transport ship's ion trail to have not yet decayed yet, the Defiant followed in pursuit. As the ship's ion trail began to grow faint, it was further presumed the the Jem'Hadar were emitting a magneton pulse to cover their tracks.

The Defiant eventually encountered a heavily damaged warship that, too, was a victim of the transport ship's attack. As Miles O'Brien viewed the damaged warship, he observed that "it looks like someone's been using it for target practice." (DS9: "To the Death")

This transport ship was only mentioned in dialogue.

Dominion ships

Hunters' ship

Rionoj's salvage

In early 2371, the Boslic freighter Captain Rionoj arrived at Deep Space 9 with several pieces of salvage, or as she described, "wreckage from a ship that crashed in the Gamma Quadrant." She sold it to Quark for three bars of latinum, sight unseen. When he inquired as to what kind of ship it was, she told him she didn't know.

Quark inspects his salvage

Later, when Quark finally inspected his new wreckage in the cargo bay, he discovered an alien infant inside a stasis chamber that had been damaged in the crash. After informing the station's senior staff, Commander Benjamin Sisko commented "Maybe you should inspect the merchandise before you make the deal. Or isn't there a Rule of Acquisition for that?"

When Chief O'Brien and Commander Sisko reviewed the preliminary report together, Sisko gathered that the purpose of the chamber implied that "'they' didn't want him to begin maturing while he was on board."

O'Brien's further analysis of the wreckage indicated that it was "some kind of freighter or transport vessel." He further noted that it was devoid of any computers or other information systems, and described it to be mostly "just junk": "twisted bulkheads, burnt deck plating, that sort of thing." (DS9: "The Abandoned")

This ship was only mentioned in dialogue.

Skrreean ships

Tosk's ship

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