List of unnamed Humans from the 31st century.

Corpse Edit

Human time traveler, Future Tense

The corpse of the time traveler

This corpse was found by Enterprise in a shipwreck adrift in space in 2152. The remains were initially speculated to be those of Zefram Cochrane, who had been rumored to have been piloting a single-person spacecraft at the time of his disappearance in the early 22nd century.

The body was mainly Human, but Phlox discovered strange patterns in the corpse's DNA. It contained DNA segments from many different species – notably Vulcan, Terrellian, and Rigelian, ones – as a result of several generations of interspecies breeding. To that end, Phlox determined the likeliest explanation for the pilot's nucleotide sequence being Vulcan was that he had at least one Vulcan ancestor, further back than a great-grandparent. Since there were, at this point, no known instances of Human/Vulcan breeding, and the official first contact between the two species had occurred only eighty-nine years earlier, it was concluded that this Human was from the future. Captain Jonathan Archer discovered, after referring to a database in Daniels' quarters, that the ship was from the 31st century. (ENT: "Future Tense")

This corpse was played by recurring background actor Mark Major, who received no on-screen credit for this appearance.
In the final draft script of "Future Tense", this corpse was described as "charred". Also, the body was scripted as being "fused to the seat" in his vessel's cockpit, though this is not established in the final edit of the episode.
According to Star Trek Online episode "Sunrise", the corpse was that of Kal Dano.
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