Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
For the prime universe counterpart, please see Unnamed Humans (23rd century).

A list of Unnamed Humans in the alternate reality.

Iowa cop

An Iowa cop

This hovercruiser-riding Iowa cop attempted to apprehend a young James T. Kirk in the 2240s after Kirk stole his stepfather's Corvette.

He only caught up with Kirk after the Corvette fell into a quarry, and Kirk nearly with it. (Star Trek)

The Iowa cop was portrayed by stunt actor Jeremy Fitzgerald. His voice was provided by the film's director, J.J. Abrams, although it was altered.
As originally shot, Fitzgerald's face was visible to the audience, but Abrams decided in post-production to digitally add a mask to hide his face. (Star Trek DVD commentary)

James T. Kirk's stepfather

James T. Kirk's stepfather was angry at Kirk for stealing his Corvette in the 2240s. He was married to Winona and was responsible for much of Kirk's upbringing in Riverside, Iowa. (Star Trek)

Kirk's stepdad was unseen in the film, but his voice over the Nokia phone was provided by Greg Grunberg (J.J. Abrams' "good luck charm").
Kirk's stepdad replaced the concept of Kirk's uncle Frank, an alcoholic abusive man played by Brad William Henke in scenes deleted from the film.
The novelization essentially merges the characters, making the abusive adult the step-father and giving him the name Frank.

Leonard McCoy's ex-wife

When James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy met in 2255, McCoy was recently divorced from his wife. He exaggeratedly stated that she "got the whole planet" in the settlement, hence his decision to sign up for Starfleet. McCoy's comment that "all she left me was my bones" ultimately inspired his new nickname, "Bones". (Star Trek)

Pam and Leonard

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
The ex-wife might have been the mother of Joanna McCoy. See also:

Port of San Francisco bar patrons

Powerwall personalities

These people appeared on media broadcasts featured on Alexander Marcus' powerwall. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Riverside Shipyard personnel

Royal Children's Hospital personnel

San Francisco bar girl

A bar girl

This Human female sat at the bar in a San Francisco bar when James T. Kirk noticed her following his demotion. When he tried to flirt with her, he was interrupted by Christopher Pike who placed himself between the two. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

This bar girl was played by Melissa Paulo.

San Francisco civilians

These civilian people were residents of San Francisco in 2259. They witnessed explosions when Khan ran away from Spock. Khan hit several of the civilians and they fell on the ground. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

The civilians are played by background performers and stunt performers. The resume of LaRaine Fisher and information from Bill Blair identified the scene which they were in as being in Chelsea, although San Francisco does not currently have a district of that name. This is backed up by production artwork which identifies the site on which Khan jumps onto the garbage scow as the "Highline Park" in Chelsea. (Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray, special feature "Brawl by the Bay")

San Francisco residents

These residents of San Francisco watched the crash landing of the USS Vengeance into the harbor and the city in 2259. Many of them were killed. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Marc Primiani is listed among the "San Francisco Residents" in the end credits of the film though he was not part of the crash scene, see: Archive officer.

Shipyard Bar patrons

Starfleet personnel

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