The following is a list of unnamed Kaelons.

Timicin's family Edit

Grandson Edit

This boy was the son of Dara and Timicin's grandson. He was seven as of 2367. While trying to convince Timicin that he ought not to go through with the Resolution, Lwaxana Troi asked him if it would not be better for the boy to know his grandfather rather than having a vague memory of him. (TNG: "Half a Life")

This child was only mentioned in dialogue.

Parents Edit

Timicin attended his parents' Resolution and found it beautiful. (TNG: "Half a Life")

These parents were only mentioned in dialogue.

Wife Edit

This woman was Timicin's wife and Dara's mother. She died many years prior to 2367. Upon hearing Lwaxana Troi's distaste for the Resolution, Dara confronted her father, saying she couldn't bear the thought of him not being buried next to her mother when he died. (TNG: "Half a Life")

This wife was only mentioned in dialogue.
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